Controlling the News June 18, 2006

”Someone in my department was discussing the vast disparity between the national and world news as reported in our media here and all the rest of the media throughout the world.

To him, and probably no doubt to many others, news coverage in the United States seems to miss quite a number of very important stories that might reflect badly on the American leadership.

Remember, please, that the very important story about illegal spying and wiretapping by the NSA was known to the otherwise prestigious New York Time over a year before they finally published it. Why did they cover this up? Because, according to their editor, the President asked both himself and the publisher not to. And they didn’t. The only reason the Times finally published is because the story was leaking out from other sources, leaving them no choice if they wished to retain their reputation.

I know personally of even stronger and even more suppressed stories.

I can give you a shocking example: We know that the upper levels of the Bush Administration, to include the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, the Vice President and many of their staffs, were clearly, often and well-infomed that a Muslim attack against financial targets in New York City was in the works. How did they find this out when American intelligence is a world-wide joke? Because the far superior Israeli Mossad tipped off the American government three times about this, having infiltrated the terrorist groups that were planning it. The French, Russian, German and even Moroccan governments also notified the Bush people about this but the Jews were very accurate.

What was done about this?

Nothing! No warnings were ever issued by official Washington to any government agency such as the USAF units protecting important targets on the East Coast, the various defense commands, the air traffic controllers or any other Federal, or State agency.

Why? Stupidity? No, because it suited the rabid warmongering Bush people to have an excuse to clamp down on “dissident elements” inside the United States and more important, to have an excuse to both seize the huge Iraqi oilfields, remove one of Israel’s worst enemies from the playing field and establish an American military and business base in the Middle East. This would also make Bush a Wartime President, something the evil Rove asserted would “make him invulnerable to attack,” as well as permit reams of restrictive legislation to be put in place, enabling Rove to further enhance and empower his dream of a permanent Republican control over the three branches of government.

Concealing this attack, as by now most of my professional friends agree happened, is a terrible crime but one never sees even a hint of it anywhere except in the few blogs that are sane or not in the hands of the Lincoln Group of the Pentagon’s propaganda ministry.

That there is a massive amount of published but circumstantial evidence clearly pointing to this, and other criminal acts, means nothing. Why does it mean nothing? Because the American public is deliberately fed doses of pap, designed to keep them interested in American Idol, the Aruba Girl, the World Cup (and other rigged sporting extravaganzas) and as long as their cell phones work and there is cold beer in the fridge, they don’t seem to care what is happening.

That they will pay for it later means nothing to them at all.

So, if you want to know what is happening, go to the Internet. Not the Internet of babbling blogs but the foreign news sites. These are easily accessible and very informative but no one seems to care. People who don’t care, get caught in hurricanes or floods and die in large numbers…and are soon forgotten.”