Russia Preparing New Missile Systems to Overcome Any Shield — Defense Minister

New Russian strategic systems capable of overcoming any anti-missile shield will be ready in the near future, Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov quoted by Interfax has said.

“However, I cannot tell you about the technical characteristics, for obvious reasons,” the minister told journalists after a meeting of the Russian Security Council on Tuesday.

Russia is developing highly accurate strategic arms, military mobile blocks that will be able to overcome any anti-missile defense system thanks to unpredictable trajectories, he said.

According to Ivanov, Russia will have a fifth-generation jet fighter in 2009.

The development of science, technologies and demography are directly linked to guaranteeing national security, Ivanov said.

“We will not have money to modernize our armed forces if there is no economic growth,” he said.

In addition, Ivanov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had stated the necessity to have a special section of the budget allocated to the modernization of the armed forces and the military system of the state at the meeting.