Disney World Wants Girls to be Boys

by Grayling Barraclough – henrymakow.com April 27, 2012

Recently I did the Walt Disney World college program.  I worked at their Florida theme parks over a summer holiday season, as a “character performer.”
Like everything they do, Disney takes their characters very seriously indeed.  After going through the standard interviews and a dance-based audition, I got the job.
Then began the training.  I have always thought of Mickey Mouse as a male the mascot is usually played by a Mexican or Chinese – girl.  I have never met a male Mickey Mouse.  Regardless of who is in the suit though, they all have to act the same.  That’s where the training comes in.
My core training group consisted of me (a British male,) two Chinese girls, a Mexican girl and a Canadian girl.  After two weeks of intensive training with these girls, I was able to make the following observations.
The Chinese girls were extremely feminine. Although friendly they were timid, giggly and had a soft rounded energy about them.  Although they were full of the joys of spring and a pleasure to be around, they were rather too childlike to be of any sexual interest to me.  The Mexican girl was very quiet; her English wasn’t brilliant; she seemed very shy, but she was unquestionably feminine.
I sensed she was intimidated by me and wanted to avoid me.  She was very physically attractive and perhaps she sensed that I was attracted to her.
She sensed what I might want to do, given half a chance to seduce her and she kept me at a safe distance. She never once looked me in the eye, and I respected her for it.  And it made me want her all the more.  This is how a young lady should behave faced with a male who is sexually interested in her.
The Canadian girl was a different creature altogether. I wouldn’t even call her a girl…

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