Voice of the White House June 19, 2006

”An article in the NYT today about a former senior Coast Guard officer, now a “consultant” for both the DHS and a private security firm. Seems he has been pushing the DHS and Congress to install a super expensive detection system in all of our ports to look for explosives. Also turns out that his other job makes the very equipment he is pushing. Who cares if the equipment works? There is always the Biblical exhortation about no man being able to serve two masters.

I have said it many times before that corruption is so bad in Washington that even Third World countries are shocked. One gets arrested for this while hundreds keep right on going like the Energizer bunny. The wholesale thievery by FEMA people, the utter corruption in Florida and other states boggles the imagination. Sleazy “contractors” have made more money than the national debt of Cambodia in a two week period.

Cheney claimed to have divested himself of his stock in Halliburton as the law required. The law did not require him to dispose of his stock options and Cheney has huge options on Halliburton stock which his actions have boosted into the stratosphere. When he retires, he can exercise the options and will become richer than he is now.

If some huge chemical complex is in deliberate violation of various environmental laws, they only have to call upon Bush and remind him of how much money they have put into his, and the Republican Party’s, coffers to get a presidential order nullifying any law they want.

Here is a fictional story but one that is absolutely true: The government of Taiwan wants special favors from the White House. How do they get this? By dragging in a mattress cover stuffed with hundred dollar bills and dropping it on Bush’s desk in the Oval Office. The next day, Taiwan gets what it wants. Is this the end of the story? No. The PRC gets wind of this and a week later, one of their people drags in two mattress covers stuffed with hundred dollar bills and dropping it on Bush’s desk in the Oval Office. And the next day, Taiwan is s.o.l.”

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