Alabaster Dream Castles and Fewmets under Glass

Smoking Mirrors – April 27, 2012

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(as I am on the near verge of publishing my new novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine”I am looking for a publisher who will also have an option on the most recent book published. Failing any takers, I will just self publish with Amazon- or someone similar but I throw this out there, in hope of some kind of Kevin Bacon connection where someone knows someone or is someone and wants to get engaged with me in making it happen. Our phone lines are now open, metaphorically speaking- grin-)
We routinely see effects but not the causes. They are often hidden from view, along with motive and background. Satanists, like paedophiles, do not announce themselves as a regular affair and they are often the same. Messing with the young,is a major priority with Satanists and they are often high up the ladder in temporal power and rank. This is why you hear about sexual molestation industries and child murder and disappearances, only to have investigations get quashed, wind up in a dead end, or disappear from the news. Important political and financial figures, are either practising Satanists or the tools of Satanists and they control law enforcement and the investigative press, along with the press in general. We know who owns the world press and entertainment business,so it is no stretch to presume that they are Satanists and they certainly are the poster children for, “by their works ye shall know them”.
Over recent years there have been child sex scandals in England; Scotland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal,the US and other places. The same group of Satanists that were behind the slave trade a few hundred years ago, are deeply engaged in present day human trafficking. Indeed, one particular country has the highest global incidence of forced sexual slavery within their borders. It’s no stretch to presume that they are deep into the child sex industry as well. As time passes, I come to find that all of the historical rumors about certain people turn out to be true and this is why there has been such a relentless push to create laws to protect them, while at the same time, they push for ‘more than legitimacy’ (actually primacy) of alternative sexual practices. You can argue and demur or hide these things from yourself all you want,they’re still true, whether you want to accept it or not.
Some years ago there was a rash of disappearances of young girls in France; hundreds of them. Their faces were on posters all through the land. As is usually the case,it all got covered up and forgotten about. This tells you that powerful agencies and individuals are involved in it. Once again, you can assume, presume, that this involves, Satanic rites, torture and murder of the most hideous sort. The reality of blackmail,intimidation, fear and brutal persuasion taking place, behind the scenes, at higher levels of the social spectrum, is off the charts. It’s ubiquitous and influences political and social policies all over. In England, social services are taking away people’s children by the hundreds, just because they can. It’s the same in Kalifornia, where they regularly place the child with the abuser in opposition to all legal and common sense. It should be obvious, Satanism is at the root of the affair. Psychopaths at high levels have been shoehorning lesser creeps into powerful positions,in the judiciary and law enforcement for some time. There is a general, pervasive and comprehensive plan going on.
A lot of the horrors and injustices of modern life are fuelled by corporations. These conditions are the logical result, in times of material darkness and Satanism is the logical religion of those so engaged, like Monsanto (My Satan), who recently bought up the largest bee research firm so that they could control the information and statistics, that would automatically convict them of the crimes they intend to conceal. You are literally, literally dealing with, ‘sick fucks from Hell’. The prevailing mindset around the world, by those in the power to work their will upon others, is truly sick.
Behind the scenes, as well as ‘in your face’, people like AlanDershowitz, Eliethe Weasel, Abe Foxman, the9/11 crew and names too numerous to mention, are observably behind the twisting of the social and cultural dynamic, into an unrecognizable swamp and concentration camp. The neocons of the last decades and members of PNAC, are all represented by large numbers of the same genre. Because all of these things are so, and much more,there are more and more laws being created to defend the Satanist and their locations from the operation of justice and exposure.
Of course, there are exceptions in every class, race and creed, concerning obvious and irrefutable bad behavior. However, when you consider that 94% of Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead,you can see that the exceptions are anything but the rule. The amount of terrible intention and policy, as indicated in this link, is awesome in scope and application. This blog goes only so far in proliferation. Most of the leading ‘alternative’ news vehicles on the internet, avoid publicizing this blog, for a specific reason that the author does not need to mention or explore. Does one compromise honesty for publicity and public profile? It depends on who you are. It depends on what you’re made of and who you work for and depend on.
For a good many years, certain facts and realities have been concealed and under wraps. Suddenly, in recent times, it is all coming out. If you want to know, you can know and the actions and operations of the enemy of general humanity, are being revealed daily. There has to be a reason for this. As has been mentioned here, many times, when that great and irresistible force for cosmic change and transformation, comes precipitating down the planes, it pushes and sweeps out the dark entities concealed there,into manifestation for a specific purpose. That’s where we are and that’s what’s going on. You’re watching it happen and judgement is the reason. This should fill the hearts of those troubled souls with optimism, who can’t make head or tail of what’s going on and find themselves slipping into a depressed mindset of ‘no exit’ and the suffocating darkness of false surroundings.
The biggest problem for many people is their sense of time and history. They’re only here for a little while and they only know what they’ve seen and, in some cases, read …and those are only words on paper, aren’t they? Words on paper don’t usually have the impact of experience and direct observation. Justice may have come and gone many times but not recently. The human mind operates under great limitations and the presumption and arrogance of self important pundits and intellectuals, muddies the water for everyone. The educational system is now a mechanism of forced indoctrination. The press is a regurgitating fiction that vomits its scabrous fluids, all over the perceptual facilities of that large mass of lemmings, who can’t pat their stomach and chew gum at the same time. Armies of mouthbreathers surround us, with one hand on their dicks and another on the remote control. Budweiser is their aqua vitae and McDonald’s is their prophet. Their attention moves from the exercise of one appetite to the next. Stupid truly is as stupid does and is. No personal impetus will wake them from their squalor and slumber, where they drool on the pillow and fart in their dreams. It is the perfume of their fantasies, reveries and succubi/incubus couplings.
Maybe I’m being hard on the human race;a three-legged, Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head sack race, with no finish line. It’s no easy job being me and includes a level of frustration,caused by witnessing time lapse ignorance, unfold like a toxic plant. It’s a poison ivy culture that you can’t help but brush up against;lacking a water buffalo to ride out of town on. I don’t want to write about this shit but someone has to. I want to write about beautiful supernatural experiences, taking place on surreal landscapes that,unfortunately, for the most part, live only in my imagination. It’s no alabaster dream castle, to live under the unspoken scorn of your,euphemistically named peers, simply because they lack the courage and fortitude to answer the call, or lack the will for discovery, as to who they are in essence, opting instead for fatuous presence.
I’m not cut out for discussing stock options over Bombay Sapphire, gin Martinis at the country club, or how to offshore my conscience, in order engage in incestuous tête a têtes with meat puppets. If only they knew how wonderfully indulged we all are, by residence in the Kali Yuga and the slack we are being cut, we would have our shoulder to the wheel in relentless fashion. Never forget that those who love much are forgiven much. Love is a curious thing. It’s not entirely a matter of affection and indulgence, or the essential impetus wouldn’t amount to much. It’s not exclusively Romeo and Juliet any more than it is taking a bullet for something more important than your addiction to the belief of solitary lifetimes, like that would ever make any kind of sense. One could say that going in circles is no different than surfing a Mobius strip but they would be wrong. Not knowing why they would be wrong is the key …but where is the keyhole?
Awakening is coming, pleasantly or unpleasantly, it’s coming and the determinant of that, is whether one is participating in it or not. Having to recognize unpleasant truths,or being compelled (for some reason) to point them out, is not the same thing as feasting in the high tower, with those who ignore and avoid them, due to self interest and some material bottom line. That should be evident but it’s not. I’m supposing the amenities in the high tower are pretty agreeable, for so long as the tower remains standing. Some metaphorical and literal Himalayan recess beckons me but I am as yet without my Frommers or Lonely Planet place-map and particulars. Hopefully language is not a problem, like it is here. One of these days, cry on Zion and Babble-on too. In the Reeperbahn of the moment, the whore of Babylon is the it girl. Cue the soundtrack and mind the bitches and ho’s, metrosexually woven together like Popsicle sticks, in all those gender inclusive ways.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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