Green Zone Follies June 16, 2006

“From a strictly military point of view, the United States has lost its guerrilla war in Iraq. The recent killing of a resistance leader, al-Zarqawi here is being trumpeted as a “stunning victory” for the Bush people but we here know it is sound and fury, signifying nothing. Zarqawi was not the leader…there are none. He died because other Iraqis wanted him dead. The Americans obliged for them. By official (but not unpublished) count, there are over 150 resistance cells, some of whom are connected with each other and some who are independent of every other group. Some groups get weapons and personnel from Iran, others are from Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia (home of bin Laden).

Bush flew in here two days ago amidst incredible security (the Iraqi government, entirely in the hands of the U.S.) was not even told. Armed troops, special forces and contractors were everywhere, even inside the official government buildings. Bush basically told the government that the U.S. would cease to support them if they did not make a strong showing against “civil disobedience” in Baghdad (where there are foreign news personnel and diplomats who could report otherwise, outside of the tightly controlled American media) Much nervous smiling and bowing to the terribly vain, smirking President and we were then handed reams of silly copy by a chubby member of the Lincoln propaganda group to pass to fawning Arab (and domestic American) journalists. Most of it will end up in the latrines with the rest of the shit, believe me.

The November massacre by Marines is more than true. There were at least 25 other such atrocities and I have been quietly gathering facts to send on to the American public. After the slaughter in Haditha, Marine Corps intelligence people went to the area involved and photographed the entire bloody scene. These pictures are now in the files here and they show, without any question, that at least 24 completely unarmed Iraqi civilians, to include women, children, the aged and crippled, were lined up by laughing Marines and shot to death. The initial coverup was that the town was a notorious “insurgent stronghold” and that the victims were “known members” of “violent terrorist cells.” Almost all of the victims were shot in the upper body and in the back with a number of shots to the head, face and genital areas noted.

A later claim that there was a “deplorable breakdown in discipline” is a bald-faced lie. These Marines like to kill civilians and are often encouraged by their superiors to do so. There is an atmosphere of revenge and retaliation here that shows no signs of going away. The troops know that in spite of Bush’s occasional public remarks about “troop reductions,” no such thing will ever happen as long as he and Rumsfeld are in office.

In another massacre, units of a Marine strike force shot to death, or bayoneted, over 250 Iraqi civilians and both U.S. Army troops and Marines regularly swerve their vehicles while in convoy to hit and run over and crush to death Iraqi civilians along the roadways.

I have a collection of clandestinely Xeroxed confiscated letters that the very active censorship office has been locking up to keep away from the public. Next week, I will start publishing some of the most pathetic of these for the general public to consider.”