The Voice of the White House June 15, 2006

“There are a number of interesting matters to attend to but first off, a brief discussion of Ann Coulter. The publication, by Random House, of her latest rant, caused quite a backlash, even among Republicans. Coulter thrives on what she calls ‘Controversy” but everyone other than a Republican right wing nut calls bad taste. This backlash is all over the Internet and the article by the TBR contributor, Harry Brunser alleging that Coulter is actually a man (long suspected but certainly not proven) has added fuel to the fire.

I met Coulter once at a Republican function and did not like her at all. Scrawny, naturally flat-chested (What Nature Has Forgotten, Ann will Remedy with Cotton!) with the ugly, skinny legs of a crane and a huge adams apple, she does not show her 53 years, mainly because of her ongoing bulimia coupled with the attentions of a cosmetic surgeon. Her long blonde hair is obviously dyed (the roots show clearly up close) and a slight thickening of the lesser alar cartilage of her nose was a sure sign of “cosmetic surgery.”

Some have called her, not in jest, a Poster Girl for the far right and in this, based on my observations of the latter, is right on. The members of the far right, who idolize Coulter, are small-minded, racist , viciously intolerant of anyone who is not a northern European Protestant, black-despisers (‘Welfare Whores!’) and in general, creatures with hearts the size of mustard seeds. Coulter is a perfect icon for this group, which now wants to completely control the United States and continue to receive enormous tax relief from the Bush people, but to the rest of the country, she is an evil, supercilious elitist with genuine delusions of grandeur and reference.

Coulter is a lawyer and when the old question is asked, “What is black and brown and looks wonderful on a lawyer?” no one is offended when the answer is, “a Doberman.”

Now on to other issues: Now that Karl Rove is no longer under threat of indictment (not innocent <>per se<> but the charges are not sufficiently substantiated to bring him to trial) he is running around the country, bragging that we are winning in Iraq and that Bush will “stay the course” until the end. No one ever doubted Bush would hold out in Iraq until the end and that if, by some sick chance, another idiot like himself got into the White House by the by-now commonplace voter frauds (see below) that they would keep Americans in that country until Hell froze over. The Bush people are now believing their own lies and for some reason, having removed the head of one terrorist group (there are hundreds of other groups but never mind that) we have won. No military leader believes any of this political puffery for a second but that doesn’t matter to Bush. He will strut his skinny body around the country (at taxpayers expense, naturally) crowing like a drunken rooster while more soldiers and (unimportant) civilians die or are maimed for life. Reality will set in after a time and as the mid terms approach, the Republican leadership will become even more frantic to keep power.

The story we reported about the Bush people using the Canadian arrest of (suspected) terrorists as a goad to terrify the American public seems to have come a cropper. Even the media is laughing at the invented stories about cutting off of the head of the Canadian Prime Minister so this one, like so many other Republican games, has gone away.

One of my co-workers showed me a paper indicating that the Bush people, outraged that the various states are passing laws that annoy Bush and thwart his evil designs on control, are planning to initiate “pre-emption” laws that would, in effect, override any State legislation with a Federal law that would simply quash any state legislation the Bush people did not like. The case made in the paper was that the fact that many states were passing laws against gas guzzling motor vehicles had enraged both the oil industry and the automotive industry. As both of these regularly send huge bribes not only to Congress but to the Bush people personally (Karl Rove has had special deep pockets sewn into his suits to hold the money he gets) it is seen as vital for Bush to stop this trend.

From a political, socio-economic and moral point of view, Washington has become a Third World country like Mexico or Egypt where bribes are the rule, not the exception. Since the beginning of the Republic, dealing in favors in Washington has been relative common but now, the arrogant and thoroughly corrupt Republican administration has raised bribery and blatant corruption to a major national art.

Another matter Rove is attending to, with his well-honed expertise, is to see how the mid terms can be stolen. Rove was the driving force behind the obviously rigged Florida elections in 2000 and the Ohio debacle in 2004. The problem seems to be that the cooperative Diebold people, whose voting machines are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, are being thrown out of many states as ‘being susceptible to deliberate interference’ from unspecified but obvious outside parties. When a criminal act is performed, the police always try to find out who benefits from it. ”

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