Tony Blair: Prime Mendacity

The UK has more CCTV cameras per head of population than ANY other country in the world, with about one camera for every 14 people. Ostensibly used for ‘fighting crime’, the cameras are also seen as symbolic of the ‘All-seeing-eye’, the New World Order and its need to keep potential dissidents under constant surveillance.

Despite this, Britain’s Home Office has announced plans to erect even more surveillance cameras. Now however, the cameras won’t be installed to fight crime but under the pretext of deterring traffic offenders.

Under the new plans, networks of surveillance cameras will be set up to catch speeding drivers in residential areas across the country. The cameras will be used as an alternative to speed humps which, London Transport authorities claim will help reduce pollution.

London Transport’s Research Laboratory claims that air pollution rose significantly on roads with humps, with increases measured in both Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

In addition, the London Ambulance Service has also claimed that humps cause up to 500 deaths a year because its crews are delayed in reaching cardiac arrest victims.

At the risk of sounding cynical, these claims are an old sales technique: first explain the drawbacks of the present system then outline the advantages of replacing it.

Salesmen call this ‘selling the benefits’ and Rob Gifford, director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, illustrates it when he described the advantages of the new scheme in positively glowing terms.

“Replacing humps with these new cameras will benefit law-abiding motorists as well as making streets safer and more attractive, said Gifford.

“Drivers will also stop rat-running through neighbourhoods where they know their speed will be monitored. Many more children will be able to play safely outside.”

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Which is why we should be more than a little cautious in approaching it.

Under the guise of all these fine sounding benefits an all-encompassing surveillance grid is being set up. It began in high security zones then, in the name of fighting crime, it spread to busy shopping centres and high streets.

However now that the surveillance grid is extending still further, to quiet suburban roads, new pretexts are needed. After all, tranquil suburban streets are not the focus of much criminal activity.

So instead of fighting crime, CCTV surveillance cameras are now being promoted as a means to deter speeding motorists so that “children will be able to play safely outside.”

That’s the cover story anyway. In reality it marks another step toward a totalitarian New World Order. It also illustrates the sort of ‘double think-double talk’ mentality that has come to typify the Blair regime.

Earlier this week a 72 year-old woman was charged under Anti-Terror legislation brought in after 9/11. She is charged with sending letters to Tony Blair “intending to induce a belief that it is likely to be or contain a noxious substance”.

In other words she faked a “terror threat” and faces jail as a result.

There is a bitter irony in this. For the target of her letters was Tony Blair, the very man who nearly 4 years ago warned that Saddam Hussein had an active WMD program with “chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes”.

Essentially, Tony Blair talked voters into believing a terror threat that has turned out completely groundless. Just like the 72 year-old who sent him the letters, he presented the public with threat of impending terror that turned out to be a complete illusion.

Whether he did so knowingly or not is an open question but the fact remains that he did exactly the same as the woman charged under the anti-terror laws. But in Blair’s case it was used as pretext for an illegal war that has already left more than one hundred thousand Iraqi civilian dead and is unlikely to end anytime soon.

Indeed, the consequences of the invasion of Iraq will be felt for generations to come.

No jail time for Blair though.

Instead anti-terror legislation, which he helped pass with talk of impending terror threats, will be used to protect him and clampdown on those who speak out against him. Rather than protecting the weak, the law is now being used to shore up mendacity. While across the country an ever-expanding network of surveillance cameras spreads to watch all those who won’t swallow Blair’s lies.

In the final analysis Tony Blair’s entire political career has been built on lies. His readiness to lie was what initially singled him out for promotion in politics, according to former MI5 officer David Shayler. Prior to his rising through the ranks of Britain’s Labour Party Blair had been an informant for MI5, winning the trust of fellow political workers and then shopping them as and when required.

Exactly what he is doing today with British voters.

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