Book Details How Canada Was Sold Out

By Dee Nicholson – April 24, 2012

Shelley Ann Clark,  multilingual 30-year veteran of Canada’s Dept. of Foreign Affairs found herself in the midst of a scandal that has yet to be openly discussed in Canada.
As a high-level staffer with security clearance during the negotiations for the 1988 Canada-USA Free Trade Agreement*, she watched as our country was sold to the USA, without anyone noticing.

Now she has written an explosive book that proves Canada was placed on a rapid path to full integration with the United States. Those skids were greased by the Free Trade Agreement, which essentially was a gift of Canadian resources to the USA with not a lot in return. 
The Americans got the keys to Canada’s wealth in much the same way as they bought Manhattan Island from the indigenous natives, for a bunch of beads and blankets worth only a couple of bucks.
Clark recounts how, as the Executive Assistant to Germain Denis, Number Three man on the Canadian FTA negotiating team, she was required to type out two different versions of the agreement’s terms, one for the provincial premiers to review, and another with the real terms, that has never since been seen by any Canadian outside of the team that wrote it.

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