Russia’s Putin Says Iran Has Right to Use Nuclear Energy

Russian President Vladimir Putin is confident that all countries, including Iran, have the right to fulfill their plans in the field of high technologies observing the non-proliferation regime.

“As for the nuclear issues, you are well aware of our position. We are certainly the only country that cooperates actively and openly with Iran in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and fully meets its commitments,” Putin was quoted by Itar-Tass as saying at a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“We believe that all countries in the world, including Iran, have the right to fulfill their plans in the use of high technologies for the benefit of their development,” he pointed out.

“But it should be certainly done in the way to fully eliminate concerns of the world community on the non-proliferation issues,” Putin said.

“Russia has always been a persistent and reliable partner of Iran,” the Russian president remarked. “I am confident that you have no doubts about it,” Putin told the Iranian leader.

Putin offered to discuss the proposals made by the six mediators to settle the situation around the Iranian nuclear program. “I would like to learn your view on those proposals that were made,” he added.

Putin also brought up Russia’s offer to set up a uranium enrichment joint venture, as well as the global initiative to create a network of international nuclear centers. “The access to technologies should be equal, free and non-discriminatory, and the control should be effective,” he said