Jim Stone – Fear Obscures Fukushima False Flag

Henrymakow.com – April 23, 2012

Hi Henry,

I saw this article that says Fukushima is falling apart and America has been irradiated.

Do you think this is just scare-mongering to get us all in a panic? Your thoughts would be much appreciated. This whole business is very stressful.

Thank you,


Jim Stone replies:  Yes, it is Fear Mongering
You are hearing an enormous amount of lies coming out of Japan right now because those who perpetrated the crime know they have been exposed and that the high resolution photos totally blew it for them.  They were NOT supposed to be released.
The explosion at #4 was caused by explosives, just like the WTC.  Reactor 4 is building 7.
In the classified photos, you can look straight down the throat of the empty reactor, you can see the dome sitting in the service area, and you can clearly see that the service attachment the crane hooks onto, which will NOT be on the dome when the reactor is in operation, is ON THE DOME.  Furthermore, in other not classified photos that are captures from live drone video feed, you can clearly see reactor 4’s dome is in perfect shape, with the bolts removed and hanging, as they would be during normal service.

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