Hitler-Churchill and the Occult

Much has been written on the subject of the Third Reich, Witchcraft and Churchill and their connections. Perhaps the most believable book is the classic by J K Brennan, published some 30 years ago.

That British witches possibly did meet during W.W.II to discourage Hitler is quite possible, but most unlikely.

Accounts by Gerald Gardner, were plagiarised from Anthropologist Dr. Margaret Murray’ landmark folklore book published in 1949, which scholars say instigated the present witchcraft revival. And suggestions from informed sources say Gardner originated his own version of a Witchcraft type organisation in 1951-52 not before.

Gardners principle intellectual opponent, the self styled “King of the Witches”, Alex Sanders, and his wife Maxine both separately admitted to me that Alex had been to research libraries such as the British museum and the Bodliean library at Oxford among others, and had torn out pages. He did this so that no source would exist that could disagree with his re-written histories of witchcraft.

This also helped bolster his claim that witchcraft existed in an unbroken line from Saxon times, to the present, with an initiation lineage, directly down to himself. Others have made this same claim too, and both the Gardnerian and Alexandrian covens of a few decades ago, have argued over which has this lineage.

Those who knew Alex Sanders will perhaps agree that he was a great showman with excellent knowledge, but his opinions over the years were “ changeable.”

Colleagues of Gerald Gardner, who did a lot of good making the movement fashionable, do not dispute his belief that “truth was a movable feast.”

The term “Witch” occurs 13 times in the bible and on each occasion means something different; it was as different to the witchcraft of the Middle Ages, as that is from today’s.

I do not seek to decry it at all, for they all have my respect for their spiritual nutriment, but my motive is to shine in the light of truth.

Hitler was not deterred from attacking Britain because this was never his intention.

In 1935 he asked permission from the British government that for every 100 warships we had, could he build 35. This was refused, but would he ask this if he planned a war with us?

Churchill had the kings brother and would be peacemaker the Duke of Kent, and general Sikorsky murdered, and the other peacemaker Edward VIII squeezed out under the “Wallace Simpson fiasco, because exactly as Sir Anthony Blunt claimed during the Mayfair de-briefings:

Churchill and his backers wanted the war no matter what

Hitler had a “thing” about the Arian race, these “Anglo-Saxon” nations are Britain, Germany, and the U.S. which is partly why he constantly proposed peace to us even sending his deputy, Rudolph Hess to stop the war.

From 1942 Hitler knew he could not win a war on two fronts, exactly as his astrologer predicted, and asked repeatedly for an honourable surrender, Churchill’s financial backers would not allow this, insisting on total destruction.

Believe this, Churchill on orders from Victor Rothschild, forbad intelligence gathering on Russia through the war. Archive material in Washington particularly document, FO 383-7 14-1, details war crimes by Churchill: the British in retaliation documented the barbarity and revenge on German civilians of the Jewish Gen. Isenhower. and his starving to death of German prisoners at the wars end.

Churchill’s incompetence was so great, that at wars end we had to guarantee safety to the likes of Claus Barbie and others, because the Germans were the only people with an intelligence infrastructure into Russia.

We went back on our word to those who had given us information, and prosecuted many up until the present day, yet Japanese and allied war crimes were ignored.

Sir Anthony Blunt had deep knowledge of both Britain, German and Russian theatre tactics, and was horrified that Churchill backed Stalin’s rape squads sent in to defile German women and children, after we had mass fire bombed residential areas.

If you read Hitler’s own book Mien Kamf ( my struggle) he tells of his wish to pit his national Socialism against the Socialism of Russia, Britain’s intelligence community had deep penetration in the Third Reich and said they were no threat to Britain, and to let the two Socialisms fight it out.

Head of naval intelligence with the most German A.I.Ps ( agents in place ), Admiral Barry Domville, was actually locked up for the duration of the war for insisting this was so.

In the 1960s all wartime files from the 3 services were brought together, and much was burnt, Tony Blair just last year shredded huge amounts, mainly on Iraq but some on W.W.II also.

But it was too late, “the truth is out there”.

Just as financial backers to Tony Blair, pushed him alone to declare a needless war on Iraq, Churchill was brought in from the cold to be the lone voice for war in 1939.

That he used the German invasion of Poland as an excuse, was obvious as Russsia also invaded and took Poland’s other half-and we kept quiet and assisted them!

During W.W.II Winston Churchill, a 33rd degree mason, and masonics is about as occult as it comes, took advice from Archbishop Lang, The Church of England occults expert, Dennis Wheatley, Louis De-Whol R.A.F. chief Lord Dowding and others, to form the “Black-Team”: these were top occultists whose job was to advise the British government, including astrologers, and a celebrity palmist, dowsers, and according to my friend the late medium Joe Benjamin with Jewish underground sources, several big Spirit mediums too.

I spent 35 years questioning retired intelligence personnel from the war, and the history books lie.

The reason that our armies were allowed to escape Dunkirk, was that Hitler would not go back on his word, and that Britain had been secretly negotiating all along to align with Germany against Russia, Stalin knew this, which is why he never trusted the Cambridge traitors.

I would refer you to original documentation from the Churchill papers held in G.R.U archives, ( not the weeded and vetted stuff we have)

That Churchill would turn out to cheer up Londoners who were bombed out, has endeared him to the population but, as we had broken the Enigma codes we knew where and when the attacks would be, so no risk here on his part.

When he was sober he would come out to the people, when he was not, an actor would take his place.( look up Norman Shelley )

In the first election after the war Churchill was again thrown out of office.

We are often shown “Operation Sealion” on television, this was the 1940 plan for an invasion of Britain, which supposedly was cancelled due to the R.A.F beating off the Luftwaffe. However, many intelligence personnel doubt that Hitler ever had the plan at al: so to claim that witches in 1940 stopped him with witchcraft is highly suspect, and if they could do this why nothing else?

The government had large financial grants available for any occult assistance, under the “Black-table” schemes, yet no mention of witchcraft applications.

So ask yourself, “what did W.W.II actually achieve?” Britain came out bankrupt, blitzed and bombed and lost its empire and gold reserves to the American banks, strangely the very same financial backers to Churchill, yet they say we won this war and with witchcraft?

I don’t think so, any more that the prayers of all the Christians in Westminster Abbey who made the same claim.

Yours T Stokes paranormalist copyright 2005

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The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence