NWO Plans for the 6-6-6 RFID Chip

It seems to never fail. Just when I’m launching on a new project with a time deadline, some news item crosses the desk that just blows us away and stirs us so emotionally that it is hard to focus on anything else for awhile. Such has proven to be the case this weekend as we began preparations for the weekly AO Newsletter.

We came across a 2-part article presenting a grim picture of the near future that involves efforts to bring in the technology that will most likely be what the Book of Revelation, chapter 13 is referring to as “The Mark of the Beast.”

We won’t try to do our own in-depth analysis or commentary on these latest developments when there’s a tremendous article already on the internet that does this for us. We simply wanted to make it known to every AO reader and hope that every reader will take the time to read the entire article – both parts. We warn you though, that it is a long article and in the beginning you might be tempted to stop early into the article thinking its just a rehash of history. To stop without reading it all, would be a mistake.

The article starts out slowly but builds midway into Part 1 with new information on plans to “Chip” everyone – and we do mean EVERYONE, perhaps without even letting us know that we are being chipped.

This information just blew our minds as we read further into the article even though we were already familiar with much of the information. What really got to us is HOW the efforts are going to be introduced in a variety of different ways. One of which will be through some sort of martial law crisis involving some biological “emergency” that requires everyone to become immunized and along with it, an unrealized “chip” smaller than the ones we presently know of, which are large enough that you’d know and realize this wasn’t an ordinary shot.

The only question in our minds about this new microscopic chip version is how many have been manufactured already? Is it possible that the Bird Flu emergency epidemic that has been forecasted is not merely an accidental disease but a planned “biological terror attack” foisted by the NWO so that all humans will be forced to accept a “shot” that will contain an almost unseen RFID chip injected into the body unknown to the recipient? IF so, how many have been made now? Is it possible that the reason Bird Flu didn’t materialize as an epidemic yet is because the NWO crowd is waiting on the manufacture of enough vaccine and chips? Could it be that a manufacturing delay has delayed the disease itself?

Equally disturbing is the revelation that the chip is likely to be more dangerous than any disease, spiritual considerations aside. The end of the article notes the Prophetic implications not merely with Revelation 13 but also of Revelation 16:2 which states that those who have the “Mark” will develop grievesome sores.

The article points out the very nature of the technology and its microwave implications are deadly in their own right. However, its not merely the “Chips” but also cell phones and cell phone technology as well as even cordless phones that are even now very dangerous to the human body!

After reading this article, if you’re like us, you’re probably inclined to throw away your cell phones and cordless phones and go back to the old-fashioned cord phones.

What we’re going to do is give you a brief summary written by the author of the article then we’ll feature certain, selected super-critical excerpts – so you don’t miss some of these points and so that you can be on the lookout for them – and read them in full context of the article. Then we’ll have the link to the article at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Both Part 1 and 2 are heavily footnoted. The numbers in parenthesis are for those footnotes at the bottom of the article so you can go to the sources for confirmation.


In part one of this series, we documented how the USA of George W. Bush has morphed into a fascist (public-private collaborative) police state under the guise of “national security” and “war on terror.” While our ruling serial killers have never been brought to justice for their 9/11 atrocities, civilian and military snoopers now read our mail, listen to our phone calls, sniff around our Internet activities and monitor our financial transactions. They use national security letters and computer data mining to track our activities and assess our every motive and intention. But this is only the beginning.

Big Brother’s most cool tool-wireless and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies-now enable our controllers to far surpass the Orwellian vision of 1984. Four main pillars of the totalitarian master plan are:

· a national identification system linking all humans to electronic cards, tags or subdermal microchips containing personal ID numbers and biometric data

· a central data base containing sperm-to-worm information on each numbered citizen

· a wireless tracking system capable of instantly deciphering the location of any citizen encumbered with an electronic ID device

· a nationwide wireless (WiFi) network of surveillance cameras linked with internet systems allowing police and intelligence command centers to watch everything everywhere

Police State USA – Part One

Big Brother’s Most Cool Tool

By Amy Worthington – Selected Excerpts

Additional police state spawn known as the “Project Bioshield Act of 2004,” authorizes the secretaries of the DHS and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to take virtual control of the bodies of all American citizens during a national emergency. Health officials are empowered to compel everyone to receive state-mandated medications or vaccinations and to comply with quarantine orders.(37) With lavish Project Bioshield funding, state and local agencies have been drilling for the day when citizens are commanded to line up for the bio-terrorism counter measures being brewed for them by large pharmaceutical companies under lucrative federal contracts.

In October 2005, Bush announced that he was considering plans for federal military personnel to enforce quarantines in the event of a bird flu outbreak. Bush believes that he has the power to waive the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits federal military personnel from committing law enforcement within the United States. John Brinkerhoff, deputy director of FEMA, has developed martial law implementation plans to be enforced by U.S military personnel. Bush has reportedly signed executive orders giving himself sole authority to impose martial law and suspend habeas corpus with no checks and balances during a national emergency.(57) When implemented, the declaration of martial law will completely trump the sovereign powers of the several states.

The Pentagon has ordered U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) at Peterson Air Force Base to prepare a series of CONPLANS, which are super secret strategies designed for rapid military takeover of the USA when the dictator gives the word.(61) These are the same planners who, under the command of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were, “unable” to get a single plane off the ground to intercept the attack they launched against their own headquarters, engendering the fascism we now suffer.(62)

William Arkin, writing for The Washington Post, explains that the CONPLANS have arisen from a series of special authorities given to the Pentagon by the White House. The Pentagon’s full scale exercise of CONPLAN 0400 (Granite Shadow) capabilities are slated to begin in April 2006.(63) A preview of such operations was seen late last year when fully armed Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPER) teams launched exercises in U.S. mass transit facilities. As noted by writer Steve Watson, VIPER exercises involved “federally brainwashed goons stomping around with machine guns and vicious dogs, getting in everyone’s face and randomly grabbing and searching people on the subway.”(64) We must not forget that many U.S. troops were also trained in the late 1990’s, during Operation Urban Warrior exercises, to execute domestic sweeps and round-up operations in our cities.

General Tommy Franks assured us in 2003 that, after a major casualty-producing event anywhere in the Western world, the American people would “question our own constitution”

Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) has been awarded a $385 million dollar contract by Homeland Security for construction of detention and processing facilities to be made ready in the event of a national emergency.(67) Brown and Root was part of the Skull and Bones nexus since its inception at the turn of last century.(68) Like Halliburton, KBR has grown fat on blood-money gleaned through decades of perpetual wars abroad, including the present conflagration in the Middle East. If the fascists batten down totalitarian power domestically, KBR and Halliburton will profit from the erection and maintenance of prison camps expected to dot the land if the fascists launch a military takeover.

The grand finale of American fascism is yet to come. No totalitarian ruling structure would be complete without an oppressive identification system that allows the dictator’s henchmen to access birth-to-death information on every citizen listed in a national database. It’s becoming obvious that no one is intended to escape the dictator’s dynamic plans to force upon us national ID cards and, eventually, under-the-skin identification implants with a satellite tracking system able to keep each of us under round-the-clock surveillance.

The CIA admits that for years it has supported the rise of numerous U.S. technology companies for the development of hardware and software useful for surveillance and tracking of the masses.(70) Oracle Corporation, the world’s largest database software maker, is one of these CIA receptacles.(71) As a voice for spooks everywhere, Oracle’s billionaire chairman Larry Ellison has long demanded that Americans be encumbered with digital identification cards, complete with biometric markers such hand prints and iris scans.(72) Immediately after 9/11, Ellison presented to federal officials his proposal to create a national ID system with Oracle’s expertise and technology. This system will provide ruling fascists with utmost efficiency at sucking detailed personal information on every citizen into what Ellison calls a “single comprehensive national security file.”(73)

The U.S. Intelligence Reform Bill of 2004 made a portion of Ellison’s proposal into law. It requires that each new U.S. citizen born be issued a Social Security number to be included on his birth certificate along with his DNA biomarkers. All of this information will be stored in the national data base and no child will enroll in public school or receive any entitlement benefit without first presenting his Homeland Security birth certificate.(74)

The Real ID Act passed by Congress in December 2005 completely solidified Ellison’s ID plan. This new law establishes a massive, centrally-coordinated federal ID database. It forces all 50 states to spend millions of dollars to update their equipment so that by 2008, all holders of U.S. drivers licenses and state licensed ID cards will have their biometric data and other personal information fed directly into the national data base. Congressman Paul says the new ID cards could eventually contain radio frequency identification tracking technology, allowing the governments of U.S., Canada and Mexico to quickly locate any card-bearing American.(75)

We are told that banks and credit card companies applaud a national ID system.(76) Instead of using bank credit and debit cards, people may eventually make purchases by showing their biometric Homeland ID cards. These financial transactions will then end up in the federal database, permitting fascists to assess our motives and intentions by monitoring all cashless sales and purchases.

One day soon, officials at all levels will be able to feed a citizen ID number into a wireless handheld or laptop device that connects to the national database. They may then instantly access that person’s financial transactions, credit reports, medical and vaccination records, school records, driving records, political and religious affiliations and anything else that might have been inserted into his file by Homeland spies. …

National ID cards are only the beginning. America’s fascist police state is demonstrably anxious to ensure that each citizen have his identification number permanently attached to his body. For many years, U.S. intelligence agencies have been working with private corporations and covens of scientists from Princeton University and other enclaves to develop subdermal radio frequency devices that can be injected under the skin of humans for identification purposes. Syringe implantable ID transponders were readied years ago, as illustrated by the prototype fully developed in 1995 by CIA-connected Hughes Aircraft Company.(78)

While many European nations are also setting up electronic identity systems as a foundation for future ID chip implants, it is especially pertinent that ADS has been given a prestigious award for its sinister implant technology by the World Economic Forum (WEF).(82) WEF is a clique of wealthy corporate and political elitists who dictate global agendas. One of its most famous members is Bill Gates of Microsoft. Gates travels the world spending millions to promote injections for people of Third World nations. ID microchip implants are the MOTHER of all injections.

Microsoft recently patented a way to use human skin as a power conduit for electronic devices.(83)

ADS and its subsidiaries, including VeriChip Corporation, have developed several kinds of implantable subdermal chips. One type is the FDA-approved VeriChip, that spits out the implantee’s ID number when it is scanned by a chip reader. Another is the VeriPay device which carries financial information and is scanned like a debit card. People in Europe are now being implanted with VeriPay chips in order to enter bars and nightclubs.(89)

The first step to inducing public acceptance of these ID chips, said San Francisco Gate columnist Mark Morford, is getting the public to accept chip implants as beneficial for health. The next step is to make it fun and commercial and convenient. The third step is “whatever the hell they want.”(90)


VeriChip Corporation recently announced that already 68 U.S. medical facilities, including 65 hospitals, have now agreed to implement its VariMed system for patient and staff identification and tracking.(91) This includes both implantable and wearable ID chips that will tie the health records of patients into Big Brother’s electronic national database. In New Jersey, Hackensack University Medical Center and Trinitas Hospital will be implanting patients in their emergency rooms.(92) These crafty hucksters are targeting the most vulnerable people first– the injured and the sick who are desperate for care, plus the homeless and mentally retarded who can’t defend themselves.

As injectable ID chips come on line, Homeland Security is paying numerous corporations to develop a national network of object-mounted wireless sensors that will be able to read implanted human chips.(93) This network of sensors will eventually relay information on the whereabouts and activities of implantees to teams of surveillance specialists

Conceivably, every wall socket could become a reader for implanted chips.

To quote University of Kansas professor Jerry Dobson, these devices will ultimately offer

“a new form of human slavery based on location control. They pose the greatest threat to personal freedom ever faced in human history.”(94)

The argument that implanted chips will protect people from identity theft recently evaporated when researcher Jonathan Westhues demonstrated on the Internet how easy it is to decode a VeriChip number implanted in a person’s arm and then program another chip with that same number.(95)

Passive ID subdermal chips are the “good news” compared to grotesque ACTIVE implant chips also developed by ADS. The implantable Digital Angel is a grotesque communication device that can continually relay information wirelessly to either ground stations or to satellite systems.(96) Developed to be a true tracking chip like the bulky radio ankle bracelets locked onto prisoners, it is tiny enough to be implanted into human flesh. The Angel has a built-in GPS receiver and a wireless transceiver. In December, 2004, ADS signed an agreement with the satellite telecommunications company ORBCOMM. Such collusion will one day turn implanted citizens into walking radio beacons, trackable by satellite.(97) Digital Angel is the ultimate in totalitarian control, to date Big Fascist Brother’s most “cool tool.”

Most sinister is the fact that these chips can be “activated” by distant monitoring facilities and they can be “written to” wirelessly, allowing the fascists to furtively add information that the chip bearer may know nothing about.(101)

Powerful web-enabled tracking chips which send and receive information at long distances are ultra radiation-intensive. Satellites communicate in microwave frequencies.

Big Brother’s most cool tool will be “hotter” than the hinges of Hell.

Bodies bearing these chips will be continuously bombarded with incoming and outgoing microwave radiation, most likely in the megahertz or gigahertz range, the same frequencies employed by cell phones.

Last October, Time magazine gave a plug to implantable ID and bio chips, stating they could save lives.(102)

But people who have active chips imbedded in their bodies will be dead men walking. The human body is not compatible with microwave radiation and bodies subjected to it 24-7 will ultimately be destroyed.

And thus we see how cleverly Americans are being manipulated into this crucible by killers in the White House, and by the most corrupt Congress in history and by the amoral, money-grubbing corporate megalith they all rode in on. In the name of national security and public health-millions of non-discerning citizens will allow themselves to be micro-chipped like dogs, tracked by satellite and stripped of all privacy as they become the virtual slaves of a techno- tyrannical surveillance state.

AO Ed Note: This should explain yet another reason why God should and will destroy America, the Babylon as the most evil nation in human history. There are many reasons, but this is one of them. In reading this article, at this point, we’re reminded of passage in Revelation 18:23b

“for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived”.

Now let’s return to the article excerpts:

In part two of this discussion, we will document the latest scientific information on the devastating health effects that will result from the implanted microwave devices used to track and control slaves of the state. If you feel a creeping allergy to the fascism we have documented here, you can do something about it now. Make the choice to keep microwave-driven wireless devices as far away from your body as you can get them. These devices include all wireless telephones-both cell and household cordless-plus wireless computers, headphones and all other gadgets empowered by megahertz or gigahertz frequencies. If you must use wireless phones for business or emergencies, use speaker phones only. Never put a wireless device on your body, least of all near your precious brain. You are going to NEED a brain to survive-and ultimately defeat-fascist America.

The “cool tool” communications microchip can also be used by the fascists to impose behavior modification!!!!!!

AO Editor’s Note: – BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION? = MIND CONTROL IFFFFFF this is the case – humanity’s FREE WILL is gone.

When human free will no longer exists – there is NO NEED for the Gospel because it will be OF NO EFFECT!

Our point – if there’s no free will for humanity to decide yea or nay on God’s salvation program then GOD MUST ACT! If for no other reason, God will be “forced” to act in judgment on Earth.

It is this reason, we believe that Divine Wrath finally falls on the planet. It is also for this reason that we believe that the RAPTURE MUST TAKE PLACE, OTHERWISE THERE IS NO REASON FOR BELIEVERS TO REMAIN.

Remember Ist Thessalonians 5:9

“For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,”

With that said, we’re not appointed to the Divine Wrath, and if there is no longer human free will because of the “MARK” then what purpose is served by the body of Christ being left to endure the wrath when witnessing the Gospel will be “of no effect?” It can’t be for punishing Believers for sins – because Jesus Christ
already died for our sins. We are already clean in His sight. The New Testament epistles already make this plainly obvious, especially in Paul and Peter’s writings. Therefore, IF indeed, humanity becomes mind-controlled robots – the only recourse for the Lord is to take His Own out of the chaos prior to the Wrath that is coming.

End Editor’s Note – back to the article:


The CIA has decades of experience in using various microwave frequencies to misalign and confound the human brain in order to trigger prescribed behavior patterns.(112)

As the police state broadens with the help of Homeland Security’s cooperating telcom players, it is conceivable that such devilish frequencies could be used with evil intent against all those who are “connected.”

These hapless victims, driven to and fro by fascist propaganda, will be oblivious to what is channeled into their sizzling brain neurons, into their internal organs, into their very souls by the deadly wireless transceivers they bear in their flesh.

Peter Zhou, chief scientist for the development of Digital Angel, declared that the subdermal identification/communication implants will make humans “a hybrid of electronic intelligence and our own soul.”(113)

He is right! America’s parasitic police state and all of its perversions absolutely ARE a soul thing.

So the time has surely come to stand back and scrutinize this illicit monstrosity which so brazenly deceives, swindles, sickens and murders the people to gain power and wealth. Please start thinking about how you and your family are going to exist for a time in a demon-driven world where deadly radio frequency identification implants become mandatory.

Part 2 Medical Dangers of RFID Chips and Microwave Beast Technology

The Health Implications Of Playing With Big Brother’s Most Cool Tool – Pt 2

By Amy Worthington – Selected Excerpts

All of us living in a radiation intensive police state are at risk for diminishing mental function and premature dementia, which means that we may end up just like the maniacs who got us into this mess.

Heart and circulatory damage

Microwave radiation is cardiogenic, i.e., heart damaging. A medical consultant for Hughes Aircraft Corporation, who completed a report for the U.S. military on radar-exposed personnel, listed heart conditions as among the most serious ill-effects.(79) Russian researchers noted that cell phone radiation causes “significant changes” in cardiovascular systems. They observed that microwave sickness often begins with very low blood pressure and slow pulse, then progresses to high blood pressure, culminating in blockage of coronary arteries and heart attack.(80) In 1998, German scientists found that 35 minutes of cell phone radiation caused blood pressure in human test subjects to rise between 5-10 mm Hg, an increase reportedly high enough to cause a stroke in those at risk.

Medical specialists in London warned that cell phone radiation causes blood cells to leak hemoglobin, damaging both heart and kidney tissues.(83) German scientists found that cell phone microwaves cause lymphocytes to clump together (hemaglutination).(84) High school students in Germany recently blood tested 51 of their classmates before and after cell phone use. They showed that immediately after cell exposure, red blood cells clump together, a pathological condition causing blood to take up less oxygen while jamming capillaries and increasing the risk of blood clots.(85)

People in England are now so radiation-damaged from their wireless infrastructure that many are sending their blood to be tested by German laboratories to find out how sick they are. German doctors reported that the blood of a woman living by a cell tower looked like the blood of someone who had undergone chemotherapy.(86) A British female doctor recently reported that she and her entire family became very ill when they connected a 2.4 gigahertz wireless router in their home to service computers and peripherals. Because the system irradiated the entire house, she and her children quickly developed headaches, chronic fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Her severe heart palpitations ended when the wireless router was turned off. (87)

All of us living in a radiation-intensive police state are at high risk for heart, blood and circulatory problems, especially high blood pressure and stoke. Hey, you cops out there with your in-vehicle laptops and radar guns and wireless cameras-hope you’re having fun in your stroke-mobiles!

Genetic damage and birth defects

In 2005, researchers with the Environmental Working Group reported that unborn U.S babies are soaking in a uterine chemical stew, including mercury, gasoline by-products and pesticides. The group found an average of 287 contaminants, many of them carcinogenic, in each of 10 samples of umbilical cord blood.101 Chemically contaminated humans are far more likely to succumb to the deadly effects of radiation exposure. When scientists wish to induce cancer in lab animals exposed to experimental radiation, they often prime them first with a CARCINOGENIC chemical!

Where are the health studies on how human cells respond to the continual assault from 134 kilohertz radio frequency, hot enough to oscillate at 134,000 cycles per second? Long term exposure to electro-magnetic fields of a mere 60 hertz-over 2,000 times less energy active than 134 KHz-can cause leukemia, brain cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease, miscarriage, severe depression and suicide.(122) These low frequency fields have been classified by both the National Institutes of Health and the California Department of Health Services as probable human carcinogens.(123) If 60 hertz magnetic exposure can damage genetic material in our cells and cause human cancers to increase growth rate as much as 1600%,(124) what can 134 kilohertz accomplish? The FDA has approved implantation of VeriChip with no long term health studies performed whatsoever.

Police State USA will never tell us the truth about the radiation they are using against us with such a vengeance. Deliberately kept dumb as dirt about the issue, Americans are cornered rats who have never had the privilege of giving informed consent for this abuse and brutality. We all now stand between a ruthless political machine that would snuff our lives without a blink and the equally serious repercussions of political resistance. Can we educate enough people in time to mount effective resistance? Can we hold the line until this fascist administration–and the murderous corporate horse it rode in on–finally destroy themselves with their own excesses?


Here are constructive suggestions for those who want to help restore the world to sanity:

1. First establish your own priorities regarding personal wireless devices. Make the choice for robust health and normal mental function with a trade-off of less convenience. Explain to others that you are rejecting wireless devices because you choose to prevent premature aging, memory/vision loss, genetic damage and cancer. They may appreciate knowing the facts too. And cheer up! There is life far less stressful–after wireless.

2. Become creative on how to function successfully in this world without having a microwave transmitter directly on your body. If you absolutely must use cell or cordless phones, keep them off your body and in speaker mode only for very short, essential calls. Some cordless phones with two antennas irradiate a whole room, even when not in use. It is best to get them out of your house and use land line speaker phones that allow you to “yak” while wandering around. You can still buy corded phones, even though they may be hidden under the retail counter in a brown bag, like old-time porno magazines, ha! The more corded phones we buy, the more available they will be.

3. Obtain a good radio frequency/microwave meter and see the world around you in its energy form. Use the meter to show others the death rays pulsing wildly from wireless devices. Use it to help create a safe space where your body can rest from RF radiation, spending as much time as possible in radiation-free zones. If your work place is high in microwaves, ask your boss to help you reduce your exposure-such as installing a land line phone for your desk. Your boss might even be interested in reducing his own exposure once you educate him.

4. Help us build mass awareness about the many lethal RF/microwave hazards to humans, animals and all life on earth. Use the resources we provide here to become an “expert” on the difference between life energies vs. death energies.

5. Refuse to allow any identification or communication device to be implanted in your body, no matter what the cost socially or financially. The documentation presented here makes it clear that people who allow themselves to be tagged or chipped will ultimately be very sick. They will have “a noisome and grievous sore”-to quote a very reliable source.(125)

6. Get this information into the hands of anyone who has a heart with which to hear the truth. There are innocent lives to be saved. Those of us who refuse to be chipped and tracked by Police State USA absolutely must stick together, helping one another through this dark night, until the morning breaks.


Final AO REPORT Comments: You really need to go to the links and read the entire article – both Parts. YES, its long and perhaps not easy reading but its something that you really need to absorb and comprehend as to what is coming down the railroad tracks of Prophecy and these new developments. We hope you’ll read the articles and then go to the A-O Report Contacts page and send us an “E-mail to the Editor” and we’ll post it unless you specify otherwise. We’d like to get your thoughts on this issue.