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Smoking Mirrors – April 21, 2012

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May your noses always be free of politically correct rhinoplasty.
We all want a better world, except for those who think this is one, or for those whose version of a better world involves the modern equivalent of foot-binding, under the disclaimer of freedom. A lot of things are going on that purport to seek and provide greater liberty, freedom and joy, by promoting very minor elements of the culture, into the forefront of concern, to the disadvantage of everyone else. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s understood that some ages are more impressionable and if you want to control a culture, you have to take control of the children, since you already have control of the adults kinda, sorta but not in the same way. A serious researching of that site, noting all of the elements from the texting friendly typeset name, to the broader vision and present state of expression; utilizing a forensic lens, at the hands of an objective and impartial mind, reveals a lot of interesting dynamics.
Communism in all of it’s horrible works, from The Bolshevik Revolution to Pol Pot, came about through the efforts of the same people, pushing the multicultural, politically correct water buffalo through the China shop of our collective harmony and well being. This is inarguable. What might be arguable is why and to what end? They say that the normal human IQ is100. That’s the ‘mean’, so to speak. Of course, you have to factor in that normal is no longer normal in an overall sense. It’s in transition and it’s also in therapy. There’s good therapy and bad therapy and in Kali Yuga you get more of the former than the latter. You get more bad leaders, more bad or not fully competent masters.
Those whose IQs and awarenesses are higher than the vin ordinaire will have a field day with this. Some people are useful tools. My personal ambition is to be a useful tool. I would like nothing more than to be used by a wiser mind to a better end. Many would look at such a subjugation with horror, imagining that they were losing their freedom, while giving in to their appetites and desires, as if that were an expression of freedom, rather than an incrementally, binding course; nice shoes! If people understood how they got trapped, they wouldn’t get trapped in the first place. Usually it has to do with some kind of quid pro quo, go along to get along, instead of being mindful of the intention of, ‘just passing through’.
And why is this site called Smoking Mirrors? Initially, the author could not get the blog ‘smoke and mirrors’. So he picked Smoking Mirrors, in an idiot-savant kind of away, it turned out to be something more connected and meaningful anyway; given Tezcatlipoca is also known as smoking mirror. Things like this happen to me often because of the path I chose. I had parents, schools, governments, religions and cultures trying to pound my helix peg into a square hole, just like the unfortunate generation going through the PC foot-binding of the moment. It’s ‘certainly’ likely that cui bono is at the root of the matter and all wiser mind swill follow the money. If the person in question disappears then maybe you found someone authentic. Otherwise, you find what you find,with precious few exceptions, outside of alien incursion and divine intervention.
The author has no real position on any sexual matters being engaged in by consenting adults. None of this is about that. The author has no real position on Semitic matters,except when they are not Semitic. The author doesn’t care one way or the other about a great many things. He could, but experience has taught him that it isn’t any of his business. It only becomes his business when it intrudes on the business and efficacy of his just passing through. By observation, the author notes that it intrudes upon the majority, with relentless consistency, to the degree that it seeks to turn the whole world into Sticky Wicket Township.
Evil and selfish interest likes to conceal itself in the midst and deflect the slings and arrows of undesired misfortune and focused attention by making it appear that an attack upon them, is an attack upon all of them when they are not them. Most of the world of the moment, operates off of artifice in order to secure what it is after. The ironic feature is that there is enough for everyone, but not if some select few want far, far more for themselves than they will ever have the opportunity to spend or enjoy.
The whole nature of evil; that which wean mostly all agree upon as evil, is to leverage and shoehorn itself into positions of control where it can force the progress of its intentions. Good things flow naturally with ease because of the oil of good will that collectively lubricates them. Nasty, sausage manufacturers, practicing law, need to be in a position to make what they want happen because, neither the cosmos, nor most of its inhabitants, has any authentic, unforced, interest in these things,at any time, when normal is still more or less functional. So the key is to redefine the meaning of normal.
This is a great big world, while at the same time, being a tiny speck that you can hardly see on a good starmap and maybe not at all, depending on the starmap. There’s room for all kinds of things and I don’t doubt that there are actual planets where, if it means that much to you, you can go to and freak freely according to your tastes. It is to be understood that hungry ghosts do not always know that they are hungry ghosts and people in Hell might often not know where they are. It is to be considered rather the rule than the exception. Now, personally, I don’t know anything but I do know someone who does and for me that is more important than anything I can imagine. There’s an old saw that, “the proof is in the pudding”, also the ‘putting’, I might add and since I have had occasions too numerous to relate or remember, that applies in my case, as it does in any case where anyone, meets anyone who knows more than they do and I might add that the quality of the knowing is very important; speaking of smoking mirrors
In my novel, The Darkening Splendor,there is made mention of contact between two individuals, during The Renaissance. You do know that ‘renaissance’ is French but it’s used as a word in English.? A magic mirror is used to show that two men knew each other from past lives. Art imitates life, life aspires to excellence and what we get is the evidence for the purpose of demonstration.
It would be a poor world that held no blow jobs, especially of the kind, freely given, for the sake of appreciation for whatever you were appreciating, especially in a ‘hold me close and don’t let me out’ sort of a way; given that the engines that drive the machines are actually going anywhere. Some of them might be. I do take exception to fucking round with people before they are in a position to know what”s going on in the first place but… that’s been going on for a long time too, courtesy of Kali Yuga.
The world of the moment is all about distortion. It’s a living, breathing morphorama of 1984, where war is peace and whatever it takes to convince people that up is down and back is forth, is in progress at the moment, although I wouldn’t call it progress. You know this and I know this but a whole lot of people don’t know this and they have their reasons. Heh heh, there was just a roll of thunder when I wrote that and there hadn’t been any till just now; interesting times.
The fools of the moment, in the world of the moment, couldn’t be more confident of what they are about. They have most of the guns and money, what could go wrong? They even make sport by putting a guy named Obama (rhymes with Osama) into the White House, as an ‘in your face’, you won’t see it anyway kind of a thing. The thing I always try to keep in mind, when I am engineering anything is that I am operating under directions, otherwise it’s called manipulation and then, you are the one being manipulated. That’s how it works. That’s how quickly you can get switched over from one server to the other, if you don’t mind how you go. I had someone accuse me of manipulation while I was in the process of doing them a service and that is another hallmark of Kali Yuga. Twisted shit happens in dark ages. People who think they’re tuned in would argue that we live in enlightened times, with all kinds of broad parameters of tolerance that you can embrace willingly, or go to jail for not embracing sooner or later. They’ll tell you we got ipods and high wire, allopathic medicine that not only fixes nothing much but delays it too. Well, ipods and computers, like guitars and anything else, are only so useful as the uses they get put to and only as effective as the hands they are in.
Tolerance isn’t acceptance and freedom isn’t license, except that maybe they are for the moment. What it really comes down to is… does it work or not? That’s the point. Does it work? Does it produce and what does it produce? Is it self-perpetuating? Is it entropy or is it one of those nice infinitysigils? Is it real or is it Memorex and did you have to fuck a Xerox machine to get triplets?
You can let other people figure this out for you and they will, or, you can figure it out for yourself,either way, you’re going to need help and help is on the way; that’s the cause of the delay, in all this looming ominousisity. One day follows the next. One moment follows the next. One person follows another. That will do it for the moment.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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