Palestinians killed on Gaza beach by Israeli gunboats

Incidents like Friday’s shelling of beaches in northern Gaza make one wonder who the real terrorists are.

Israeli naval gunboats opened fire on beaches in northern Gaza on Friday. At the time, the beaches were packed with Palestinian civilians as it was a Muslim holiday and at least 10 were killed and about 40 others wounded.

According to Palestinian medical sources, eight of the dead were from one family and those killed include six women and a three-year-old girl.

The shelling from land and sea, which continued throughout the day, was in retaliation for Palestinian rocket fire into the western Negev, said the Israeli Defence Force.

However the IDF later apologised for the incident, saying it “regretted the attack on innocent people”. Although it offered no explanation as to why the beaches had been targeteded in the first place.

However, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the shelling and described it as “bloody genocide”.

In response to the shelling, Hamas announced it would end its 16-month ceasefire and later rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.

According to Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad, Friday’s shelling had changed “the rules of the game” and suicide attacks on Israel would now resume.

In harrowing scenes broadcast on Palestinian television, one little girl was filmed among the bloodstained debris, screaming: “Father, father.” While in another video clip, a man wept as he held the limp body of what appeared to be a girl or young woman, shouting: “Muslims, look at this.”

The IDF has announced that it will investigate the shelling.