Afghanistan: Black Hawk Down

Daily Mail – April 19, 2012

The Taliban claimed responsibility for shooting down a Black Hawk helicopter in Afghanistan on Thursday night.

Four U.S. soldiers are believed to be have been killed in the crash, which happened in the south-west of the country.

Officials had initially suggested that unspecified weather difficulties were the cause of the accident

But on Friday CNN received a statement from a Taliban spokesman. It said: ‘Yesterday (Thursday) evening Taliban fighters shot down a helicopter and killed all its passengers in Khanashen Dewalak area near Garmsir, southern Helmand province,’

In a brief official announcement, the American military command in Kabul said there were ‘no confirmed reports’ of casualties ‘at this time’

But speaking anonymously, two authorities confirmed that four U.S. troops had been on board.

Initial word from the scene was that officials ‘don’t expect’ that any of the four survived.

No other details were released, because the facts were still being established and the families of the helicopter crew had not yet been notified.

The last time a U.S. Black Hawk crashed was in September 2010, when nine soldiers were killed.

In August 30 died when a helicopter carrying them went down, in what was the single deadliest loss for the U.S. military since the Afghan war began in 2001.


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