A Thick and Toxic, Restless Soup

Visible Origami – April 20, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
540,000,000 dum dum bullets and thousands of bullet proof control booths for The Department of Homeland Insecurity of the Zionist, Anti-Gentile Empire. This agency operates within the borders of the United States. You don’t need a PHD in WTF to figure out what’s going on, at least in broad general terms. Here is what we can speculate. The government knows much more than we do about all kinds of things and much less than we do about the important things; or else it doesn’t care. Given that the government knows more than us, it is quite likely that they are informed about, some or several, pending events. When these events occur, they will create widespread panic, according to relative analysis. That’s one scenario. The government has to protect itself ‘and the privileged’ because that is who they work for. One should have ‘no illusions’ about this. That which they are aware of may be of several possibilities; one is Fukushima, the other is natural disasters of some kind, which they are able to predict with a level of accuracy that motivates them to prepare for what results. A wilder possibility is alien invasion. I throw that in because there is no way of telling why they need 540,000,000 rounds of ammunition and all those control booths.
The other scenario is that the government, as a result of all the think tanks, agencies and pressure from certain quarters… is going to manifest this world changing disaster and are getting in place to follow through on problem, reaction, solution. As we know, they are old hands at this with the Oklahoma bombing, the Zionist engineered 9/11 and sundry events at other locales. They provided the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, in order to implement the present persona of that monster, the TSA. There is no question that heavy and oppressive fascism is in the works and barring divine interference or some alternative measure, such as collective mass reaction; some form of spontaneous combustion, America is burned toast.
I don’t personally care what label you give these thugs. Obviously they are all Satanists, wittingly or unwittingly, by definition of action alone. It is the movement and progression of the anti life, which not only seeks to destroy the harmony and quality of all life other than their own but… takes a singular enjoyment from carrying it out. They do evil for the sheer joy of it. You’ve heard the words of Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George Bush Sr. and various other miscreants concerning what they’ve been up to and how they feel about it. One thing should be uppermost in every mind capable of it, besides the awareness of who, or what, you rely on and that is that this is Kali Yuga. This is the period where a great deal of laundry gets done. That’s basically what you are looking at; laundry.
The people who showed up as bad guys were those most disposed toward this behavior, prior to arrival. Those of us engaged on the other end are also acting according to what we were disposed to. The greater mass that is unconscious or sleeping, is here because of the opportunity for awakening as well as a quantum leap of consciousness. Think about it. Think about the things you can see happening and the fact that there are seven billion people here at the moment, give or take the miniscule comings and goings. This is because of the opportunities that exist. It doesn’t matter that so many have forgotten this on arrival. That’s what the force of awakening is all about. If you can awaken, the options will be revealed to you, the course will appear. It’s like way stations of consciousness. They’re all connected and in some way they resemble bus kiosks, which provide the buses itinerary to all points outward, as well as temporary shelter and a time for reflection before your bus arrives. When you are consciously participating in your awakening, it is similar to walking on one of those moving floors they have at airports. Those engaged in evil are in similar circumstances. They are participating in their own destruction on a similar treadmill. The unfortunate aspect of Kali Yuga is that prevailing collective consciousness distorts what’s real. Things appear other than what they are. The collective emotional climate and the collective mental climate, exert a powerful influence upon individual consciousness. Also, we don’t see the positive changes being made interiorly. I often liken it to driving on a slight grade, on your way up a mountain, but prior to the actual period of obvious ascent. You might look in the rear view mirror at some point, or you might pull over and get out of the car and then you can see the landscape far below, along with the thin and twisting white line of distant surf. You didn’t think you were going up all that much. You didn’t think you had ascended to that degree. It’s gradual but constant. Eventually you make some serious progress on your way up. Few people persist all the way up the mountain. You pass through towns and communities until there are no more. You may still see a few scattered houses but then it’s just a road through the forest. After awhile there are no more trees even, just rocks and earth and snow. At a certain point it might seem like you are very much on your own.
The world at this time is a thick and restless soup. It’s toxic and flammable as well. In 1800, only 3% of the people lived in cities, now over 50% of the population lives in cities. Hive mentality prevails and perversion runs riot because it is promoted for profit and control. It also directs the individual into areas of being that serve the interests of the Satanists who create and promote it.
Free will is a funny thing. Understanding it is the problem, really. It’s not what it’s been publicized as; the right to act autonomously in all circumstances. That implies that there is no overriding authority. How is it that one can exercise free will in any case, given prior conditioning of whatever kind? We don’t know what we don’t know, so presumptions take the place of verifiable info and people act as if it were that, instead of a projection of belief brought into being by the press of their appetites. What free will is, is the right to act in your own best interests or to go contrary to them. I suppose you’d have to know what that is first but you don’t need to know that in order to understand that it is so. The sun comes up and the sun goes down every day and it isn’t affected by what you are doing. In fact, the sun doesn’t rise or set to begin with, the Earth rotates, but that’s beside the point.
Representatives of the angels dancing on a pin contingent, like to state that there’s no proof the Earth rotates but there is quite a group of self fancied iconoclasts whose only interest in anything is the arguments it provides. They could often care less about what it or is not so. Caring to know what is so and being amenable to having it revealed is most of the battle to begin with. Getting your attention is a very big part of the battle and it being a battle in the first place has everything to do with not being amenable to revelation and caring about what is so.
Times of apocalypse are times of judgment and summing up. It is critical for the individual to keep this in mind. Otherwise you get seduced into believing in the power of the malefactors, visiting so much distress on the populace. You come to think everything is out of control. It weakens your resolve and opens the door to despairing and the other forces that attend it. You see a lot of that going around, along with rigid denial, isolation by distraction and obsession and ‘me first’ behavior, accompanied by the personal survival impetus. A lot of people are ‘prepping’ to survive, without doing the most important thing that should be on every list and which might even preclude that sort of behavior, or modify it.
My experience, through observation, is of a lot of troubled people, as well as people who aren’t paying attention, don’t want to know, or are totally engrossed in whatever they are involved in. Irrespective of appearances, everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration and that is what one has to adjust to. The proper frame of mind begins with the awareness of the proper pursuit of human consciousness. Without this in mind, one may very likely devolve into a beast for the purpose of demonstration.
If you’ve been here before, you’ve heard all of this before. You’ve got your game plan operating or you don’t. You’ve got a focus or you don’t. You’re arguing or you can’t be bothered. Having to argue is a sure sign that one has missed the point. Personally, it is of no great concern to me what medium others employ. If they work, fine. It not then one will find that out.
…All that can be said for the moment. The show is about to begin.
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