Syrian Rebels Call For “Outside Intervention”

New Brief – April 20, 2012

The covert involvement of Western and Gulf States is becoming apparent in the ongoing unrest in Syria, elements of which are increasingly reminiscent of events in Libya prior to Ghadaffi’s overthrow.
Early in April, Arab nations pledged millions of dollars in support of Syria’s opposition. In addition to pledges of assistance from wealthy Gulf States, the U.S. said it would also help Syria’s opposition with the provision of “communications equipment”.
The U.S. acknowledged providing that equipment later in April when Secretary of State Hilary Clinton reiterated her government’s support for the rebels.
Although Western nations have carefully avoided any mention yet of providing military aid or assistance to Syrian rebels, the aid promised thus far is seen as the thin end of the wedge by some observers. 
The government of President Assad has repeatedly accused “outside forces” of being behind the ongoing unrest in Syria. While Russia’s top diplomat, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavov echoed those accusations when he told reporters recently:
“There are outside forces that are not interested in the success of the current U.N. Security Council efforts.”
“They are trying everything possible to substitute the Security Council with various unofficial formats such as the ‘Friends of Syria’ or some other forms” Lavrov said in a televised interview.
Although he didn’t identify these “outside forces” Russia’s foreign minister did say that assistance also included “delivering arms to the Syrian opposition and stimulating the activity of rebels who continue to attack … government facilities.”
As well as promising financial aid to Syrian rebels, Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Gulf States have now set up a multi-million dollar fund to assist Syrian opposition groups
In a video posted online on Thursday, the rebel Free Syrian Army called for outside military intervention to help remove President Assad even without UN Security Council approval. 
That would seem to confirm Global Research’s Professor Michel Chussudovsky’s assessment about who is really behind the Free Syrian Army.    
“The Free Syria Army has been funded, equipped and armed by the western military alliance”, Prof Chussudovsky told Press TV.
“These are mercenaries”, Prof Chussudovsky continued, “they are paid mercenaries, they are supported by NATO, they are supported by Special Forces on the grounds and to say that we are going to pay them is actually stating what we’ve been doing for the last year since the outset of the insurgency in March of 2011.”
Calls by the Free Syrian Army for “outside military intervention” would only seem to substantiate Prof Chussudovsky’s claims.
In other words the Free Syrian Army is a Western creation to assist in the overthrow of the Assad regime. We’ve already seen the overthrow of Libya’s Ghadaffi, which wouldn’t have been possible without Western aid and assistance.
That delivered Libya and its rich oil reserves into the hands of Western oil giants, with the aid of much covert Western military involement. This was accomplished with the help of a compliant corporate media: that consistently portrayed events in Libya as an authentic “uprising” against Ghadaffi, rather than a multi-faceted Western military campaign that exploited domestic grievances to assist in his overthrow.
Now we are seeing a similar process unfold in Syria but whether it will deliver Iran’s closest Middle East ally into Western hands remains to be seen.

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