Why Science Wants Us to be Chimps

J.P. Tomkins – henrymakow.com April 18, 2012

Scientific research regarding human origins has been skewed to promote and justify an amoral vision of man as simply an evolved animal without a soul connection to God. 
By dehumanizing us, the Illuminati can justify many malicious inventions aimed at societal control and population reduction. 
One of the goals of the technocratic elite has been to prove that humans  share a common ancestry with chimpanzees. This will allow the elite to re-engineer humanity according to their specifications. 
Indeed, many scientific claims state that the DNA of humans and chimps is nearly identical (98%-99%).
However, several recent publications show that these estimates are based on highly filtered and cherry-picked data. 
DNA that was too dissimilar to be conveniently aligned was typically omitted, masked or not reported.
Based on the analysis of data provided in various publications, including the often cited 2005 chimpanzee genome report, human-chimp genome similarity is not more than ~87% identical, and possibly not higher than 81%.  Indeed, a detailed comparison of the chimp and human Y-chromosomes by a secular research group in 2010 showed 70% or less DNA sequence similarity.
Unfortunately, human genomes are not evolving but decaying. The accumulation of harmful mutations indicate a creation-based start point that was more pristine…
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(J.P. Tomkins was a Professor of Genetics  and Biochemistry for 19 years, ran a genome center for seven years, and now work for a small non-profit research center.)

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