Of Helium Heads and New Beachfront Properties

Reflections in a Petri Dish – April 18, 2012

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Greetings Earthlings. Welcome to the skybox seats above the Petri Dish. Unidentified lifeforms are writhing about in a sort of sinuous, tantric tangle, like the wall behind Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate near the end of the movie. These things rise above the surface of the soup but the soup surface has a thin plasticine skin. It illustrates the bodies as they rise, so you get a partial picture. This all seems to tell me that I should continue with the theme of prophecy and predictions. An inquiring mind might ask why I am talking about this subject at this time. I think it’s because we are going to see some of it real soon now. Yes, I get that sense.
Today I want to showcase Edgar Cayce and maybe other things; probably some other things. Edgar made a lot of predictions. Here is short listing of things yet to go down. The first link is much more extensive. Mister Cayce seems to have been pretty legitimate. He wasn’t a hundred percent but he himself said that what may happen can always be altered by the impact of human effort and consciousness. As you can see, Cayce is not nearly so dread filling and dire as Dr. Chiappalone and I would tend more toward his findings myself. I’m going to toss Mother Shipton in here right now because I know there is percentage of readers who are too lazy to go and look her up (grin). She’s worth checking out.
I never spent much time in Kalifornia and what I am going to say is anecdotal and not meant to give offense. I was in Kalifornia for about six months at a time, several times. I always noted something insubstantial about the place. San Francisco was filled with a witchy vibe and LA had more of a brooding demon that sat on the hills near Griffith Park. I saw him on several occasions. I spent some time in The Hollywood Hills and the vibrations coming out of the houses were pretty strange here and there. Bret Easton Ellis writes about the side of things there, in away that corroborates some of my experiences. LA is a very decadent and dangerous town, maybe not as much as Atlanta, New Orleans and Houston but, pretty bad. Some cities are ghettoized, like New York City. LA has ghettos but trouble can find you anywhere. I’m not speaking of color line ghettos exclusively but also about vice and the areas of town where it goes down. In LA that would be anywhere. I don’t mean to imply that ghettos are less savory and human as anywhere else but, if you’re not from around there, it can be challenging and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.
Sometimes walking along Hollywood Blvd I could see cartoon characters climbing up out of the sidewalks. There was the sense of an abyss beneath the sidewalk and a sense of impermanence in everything that was manifest. It had a Never Neverland aspect. Because of the climate and what was formerly a place where it was easier to live off your surroundings, many types of people gravitated to Kalifornia. It’s the airhead capital of the world. They turn into real helium heads, once they migrate across the waters to Hawaii. Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “at one point, God picked up the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose rolled to Kalifornia”. I think he was talking about architecture but it applies generally. I found Kalifornia to be very spooky and transitory, like it could disappear or fade away at any point. I’m fairly convinced it will, at some point, slip into the sea. I’ve had dreams about some huge event there. In my dreams, I was in LA and it got very, very quiet. The stillness was terrifying. Something was about to happen. I don’t remember now if something did; such is the nature of dreams, “we are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep”.
You’d see the most attractive hookers in the world, walking down the street in LA and if you walked up Santa Monica Blvd at night, you’d see a whole lot of Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillippe clones hanging in the alcove entryways of shops closed for the night. We all seem to have to walk on eggs these days because you can’t swing a dead cat in an orphanage any more without offending someone. That’s all been brought about by these people. You’ll find this link to be the most comprehensive and extensive of its kind anywhere up until this moment. It really shows you how far its gotten, along with references to things past.
I always thought that New York City would go down. I never thought much about The New Madrid fault line. I’ve thought about Atlantis and I always thought it was off in the area of The Bahamas and that the Bermuda Triangle was somehow connected to it. I always expected Las Vegas to come to a bad end and one day resemble the way it looked in Cherry2000. I’m not a prophet but I think all of us can come to ballpark projections about certain things, just by looking at conditions and the players.
There is a small school of thought that believes the Kali Yuga is going to end this year. There’s a much larger school of traditionalists that think it’s going to go on for along, long time yet. What I think is that they’re both right and that a mini golden age is going to come into being but it will be temporary. No doubt the truth lies at right angles to all of these,except of course, the truth doesn’t lie. I like to think of the truth as a person. I enjoy giving personalities to forces. They do have personalities, which are defined by their operations. I see the truth as a lady and she rides on a horse. The horse would be the one that carries the truth and that could be you or I, so long as we go in the direction that the reins request.
The road we are walking is firm beneath our feet in the present but it becomes increasingly more insubstantial, as we attempt to see up the road. Perhaps the road bends, because the projection of our minds is bending. Perhaps it goes up or down depending on the mind’s projection. Perhaps it is dark or illuminated, depending on the condition of the mind perceiving it. It’s all about intention and perception. Most people don’t get that intention is destiny, just as character is fate …and perspective emerges out of intention, because we tell ourselves what to believe, according to what we are after, We justify things and we explain them to ourselves in terms that satisfy our justifications. This is readily observable most anywhere you go. Everybody is running around in some permutation of having been divided and conquered and they spend their time defending the actions of the people who did it to them.
Peer pressure; the desire for acceptance, the desire to advance and be upwardly mobile, to cut deals and to sell one’s ass for exposure, influence and wealth are common features of our shit on a shingle culture. It’s the American way. It’s the way of decline in the fall of the west and it has to fall because the corruption has rotted out the supports of the infrastructure as if super termites showed up like a Biblical plague. This is all good news that looks bad in the short term. Once again,it’s about perceptions. We’re not all seeing the same thing and that its determined by what we want to see. I’m repeating myself but so are a lot of other people in other ways. Dogs return to their vomit and some package it and put it out between glossy covers, in CD cases and all manner of shrink wrap for public consumption.
What most people are not seeing is the new world precipitating downward. It’s coming in emerging technologies and new ways of seeing and the new ways of seeing are the resulting reaction to the old way of seeing. Awakening irresponsible for this. It’s pleasant in some cases and unpleasant in others but… we know that and it can be both for any and all of us for periods of time.
Let’s consider the mathematical aspect of the cosmos, in consideration of critical mass. You may not notice much until critical mass is achieved. It can be masked and camouflaged by all sorts of things and principally by appearances and this is all designed to keep people from seeing, because that is the job of appearances. It’s all orchestrated but people don’t want to accept that because it interferes with what they want. It interferes with what they want. This is why dispassion and achieving a desireless state is recommended by the masters. It provides clarity in vision. At the same time that is only a part of the picture because you should have a consuming passion that lights up the atmosphere and vibrates into the secret recesses of Nature and that,that causes reactions and some who have preceded us have spoken about these things but, as usual, most people don’t pay any attention.
I just heard a line in a movie. This fellow has prepared a dinner for his date and as a result of taking a super drug that makes you smart, he has been doing some impressive things. She says to him, “Is there anything you can’t do”? He replies, “take my eyes off of you”. I guess that should apply across the board in all things and depend what you have your eyes on.
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