Would the Illuminati Sacrifice Israel?

by Henry Makow Ph. D. – henrymakow.com April 17, 2012

On Oct 6 1973, Egypt and Syria launched a coordinated surprise attack on Israel.
Israeli defenders on the Suez Canal and the Golan Heights were outnumbered and overwhelmed. Israel took heavy casualties and was considering the nuclear option.
Was Israel really in mortal danger?
Israel is the Rothschilds’ personal fiefdom – their personal family army, nuclear arsenal and intelligence service, all in one.
Jerusalem is destined to be the pagan religious and governmental center of their World Government. They designed and paid for the Israeli parliament (Knesset) and the new Masonic-themed Supreme Court Building, destined to arbitrate global disputes. Their mugs are plastered all over Israeli currency.
If Israel really had been in mortal danger, it would contradict our belief that the Rothschild bankers secretly control world events.


About two months ago, Moscow-based, Israeli journalist Israel Shamir received a secret 20-page report written in Jan. 1975 by the Soviet ambassador to Cairo, Vladimir M.Vinogradov.

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