The Dyslexic, Prophetic and its Attendant Diametrics

Smoking Mirrors – April 17, 2012

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Let’s stay on that theme about all these predictions and prophecies. This might curtail my heavy hand of late, upon Public Enemy One. Make no mistake, there is a Public Enemy Number One and it’s got a posse; a crew, gun molls and the whole nine meters, which turns out to be more than the whole nine yards. The members of the inner posse, the mob captains, control virtual armies. These captains are ignorance; greed, fear, arrogance, denial and assorted. They control the actions and consciousness of the public, which they possess through the agency of what they represent but we’re not going to talk about them today. We’ll leave them to plot their own destruction through assaulting Iran and unleashing the sleeping bear, the crouching tiger and the Karachi Boys so… moving right along and not talking about them, let’s get on to the dyslexic, prophetic and it’s attendant diametrics, as everything looks in the mirror and sees itself; just like the animals at the watering hole and determines what God and man is accordingly; the lion sees a lion, the snake sees a snake, the deer sees a deer and no one sees what really is because their mask is looking back at them. Are you with me so far? Can I get a hostess! I just need someone to show me the way to my table at The Algonquin. I used to be a famous writer before they outlawed fame in conjunction with truth. You know, these days, even people who profess to love and admire the truth, get uneasy when the truth comes on too strong. Wait till you run into it with its sunglasses off and no filters. Personal run ins with the truth can be surprising, disarming and scary.
It’s best to get to know the truth socially; have a couple/few beers with the truth. A lot of people are ashamed to be seen with the truth. That’s never a good idea. Conversely the truth might find itself ashamed to be seen with you and that’s never a good idea either. It is especially a bad idea if you are an artist of any kind because there’s a little thing called ‘inspiration’ that can get lost in the translation as you attempt to bend it to the demands of the marketplace. An artist without inspiration is like a Shirley Temple in Rio at carnival time. Think about it, it will come to you.. Well, you wind up impotent in a reverse kind of a way according to what Shakespeare said about alcohol provoking the desire but hampering the performance. We’re talking about another kind of drink here and another kind of intoxication. This attends inspiration and communion, depending on what inspires you and who you commune with. Now, if you’re communing with the people who run the closed shop that won’t let truth behind the velvet ropes, you get what comes with the territory.
A lot of these things don’t seem real to people, or they are inconvenient, so the mind, devoid of inspiration, concerning various enduring truths, delivers itself into the hands of its greatest enemy. It sells itself out for a mess of potage but, I guess that’s okay cause you get to wear a beret and hang out with the white wine and cheese crowd. You get to hobnob with the kind of people you meet in the hot-tubs at hotels in Hawaii and in the clubhouses at golf courses, yum yum and then some; wife swapping included at no extra charge and a Get Into Hell Free card; kind of makes you wet and willing eh?
Well, we were going to talk about all these prophecies and predictions. I guess I’ll get hammered again for my first reference but… as to the matter of Dr. Chiappalone, I’d do a cursory web search. I’m not saying ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ about the matter because I don’t know but what I do know is my reaction to the predictions of the good doctor. They are the most depressing read I have come across in a long time. According to the good doctor we are all dead and doomed and it won’t be long. No one is going to be left on the planet because Gaia is going to scour the Earth and it’s to be curtains, period. I don’t buy this version. I don’t buy any of this total doomsday business. I’m not saying that there may not be half the population gone, or that entire countries may not encounter near total devastation. I don”t know what the outcome will be and no one else does either and you just wind up depressing yourself by contemplation of what ifs.
If we go back to earlier prophets in the revisionist scriptures, Nostrildamus, Mother Shipton, whose elegant verse, adds a compelling dimension to what she has to say; when you go back you hear all kinds of things too. Most of them are heavily allegorical and opaque. You got Ecclesiastes, with his cycles and permanent rotation of the vanity of man, meeting up with cosmic resolution. I buy that as a recurrent model, specifically attuned to Kali Yuga but also relevant in general, whenever and wherever the pomposity and excess of the dark, insipid and superficial mindset of material nature may dwell.
As I’ve said before, there are those who are prone to see all of this as a mathematical process. Some even see it as random, which I consider mindblowing, considering that hard fact physicists have announced that the universe is thought born and everything is composed of mindstuff. I’ll say no more about the endless argument, which really centers around the perversions of religion, as opposed to what may or may not be out there and in there. I believe it is all mathematical as well as conscious. I believe it all makes sense, once you switch off the rational mind. Of course, I have direct contact and a collection of supernatural experiences the size of a James Minchner book, so, that’s me.
Let’s suppose like most people, you haven’t had truth as a house-guest or been round to the local for a few pints with the truth. Most people have to make arrangements to get by here, or think they do. See, there’s this gap that exists between your fear and reality. It could be a simple step across, or it could be so wide that it has no other side but it’s only as wide as your fear. In order to get a certain process to work, you have to take it on its terms and that means you are going to be subjected to uncertainty. How great a hold uncertainty may take on you is an individual affair. This gets measured against what and who you feel responsible for and what you are afraid to lose. Some of us are lucky enough to lose everything, relatively speaking, more than once, so we’re familiar with the territory. Some of us are holding on to things that sink, so tightly that we go down with the ship; be it an actual ship, a ship of state or a ship of goods and treasures trying to get across the Spanish Main.
Some people are overly concerned with so called Nephilim, reptiles, grays and other aliens, Illuminati, Masons and a shitload of groups and types. For those head-deep into this kind of thing, it must be a lot like living in some multicultural urban landscape, where there’s another street gang on every following block. Are they all working together? Are they independents? Is the Trilateral Commission worse than The Council on Foreign Relations; The Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Bilderberger etc? Are the feminists in bed with the gay agenda (grin)? After all, they’ve both got the same type and personality directive behind them. Does the Pope shit in the woods or in one of his funny hats? Are The Jesuits the official bad guys, even though the other bad guys predate them by more than a thousand years? Are The Rockefellers worse than The Rothschilds? Is Rio Tinto more user friendly than Standard Oil? Do they work together, or are they enemies at some level? Who does Little Georgie Sorrows work for, besides the dark lord and his own selfish interests?
There’s so much complexity here and I doubt that anyone has gained leverage, as a result of being really well informed about any of it. In the end, it comes down to what you can do about it and whether or not you are right in the first place. They got all that power. It’s how it looks. Do you have any power?Some would say yes and some would say no. A lot of people think they got a lot of power because they live in a small pond. People rely on all kinds of things for the maintenance and perpetuation of power and influence and nearly every one of them is temporary, as are they.
As I have painstakingly been at pains to state, I don’t know what’s going to happen. In some cases I don’t know what is happening or what already happened. I know I have questions but not about things I consider important and that’s the important thing.
What I do know is that civilization has not measurably improved since the time when there wasn’t any. The brutality and indifference factor has pretty much stayed the same and I don’t see much difference between the elite in Apocalypto and the ones we have, except that the ones we have now are pissed off about Mel Gibson and Mel might not have been around for the other.
Yeah, I guess some of us won’t be getting to The Algonquin this time around. The new doorman was working a security detail in Columbia last week but the same people are still paying his salary now, so it’s only about location, location, location. We know that what probably happened was an assassination attempt gone wrong. All of those things are going wrong these days, which is pretty right on. As has been stated here many times, things are going to go seriously south for the bad guys. It’s not good for our general health to go mentally south, as a result of their last gasp, death rattle.
Maybe I’m overly optimistic. I know there are monsters, but like “Monsters Inc”, it’s your fear that accounts for their ‘relative’ size and degree of effect on you. Some people have no choice but to believe things that make it possible for them to wind up in Iraq and Afghanistan, or a cubicle in a law office, or anywhere people wind up, where they have justified their reasons for being there. The real danger you face is what you’ve made real in your head, whatever that may be. Give the truth a call. Invite it out for dinner and drinks. Have it over for the weekend or longer. Make the truth a permanent house guest and the walls of the citadel won’t collapse around you.
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