9-11 Truth is Limited Hangout –”September Clues”

henrymakow.com – April 16, 2012

Simon Shack, who made “September Clues,” believes that 9/11 TRUTH is a well-funded limited hangout. The leaders reveal certain aspects of the attacks but hide the true events, of which video trickery is a core part.

The CEO of the Loose Change company, a man named Joel S. Bachar, was associated with the Rockefeller Foundation.

by David Richards – (henrymakow.com)

The hit online film ‘September Clues (2008)’ is the most detailed and convincing exponent of the ‘no planes’ theory of 9/11.

The documentary is the work of Simon Shack, a seasoned video/audio engineer currently residing in Italy.

No commercial airliners were involved in 9/11. Missiles hit the towers and the planes were photoshopped. The amateur filmmakers and eyewitnesses were CIA plants.

The ‘no plane’ theory sounds absurd on first hearing, but if there were no planes in Pennsylvania, at WTC 7 and at the Pentagon, it would be consistent that no planes hit the WTC.

Shack believes there was a 17-second delay between the attacks and the screening of the footage, long enough for passenger planes to be inserted into the film. He reveals technical glitches in the footage of the jets hitting the towers.

Various shots from both the TV footage and ‘amateur cameramen’ show United Airlines Flight 175 disappearing into the South structure like a ghost.

Continues with more videos at source…

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