Cruel Hoax! Newsweek’s “Marriage Crunch”

Newsweek’s June 5 cover story “Rethinking the Marriage Crunch” is typical of the psychological war waged on society by the mass media.

Newsweek magazine waited 20 years to retract a 1986 story that educated 40-year-old women have “as much chance of marrying as being killed by a terrorist,” although they knew it was bogus. The story became part of popular culture, mentioned in movies and television, causing many women to panic.

In December 1986, Neil Bennett, a co- author of the study, “Marriage Patterns in the United States.” told the New York Times that Newsweek took the findings out of context.

He said the odds climbed sharply if one removed women who choose to remain single, those who favor a live-in relationship or sequential relationships and those who cannot marry for physical reasons. The sampling was also limited to women born in the mid-1950’s. In other words, these women were about 30 at the time and there was no way to know what their marriage prospects would be in 10 years.
(NY Times “Relationships: When Studies Mislead.”)

In 2000, Discover Magazine termed this study one of the “20 Greatest Blunders in Science in the last 20 Years.” Newsweek promises to tell, “why we were wrong” but doesn’t. On the contrary, the magazine uses this “rethinking” to mislead women /yet again/, by suggesting they can safely postpone marriage. They base this “news” on Census information that has been around for ten years!

“Twenty years later, the situation looks far brighter,” says reporter Joe McGinn, oozing good will like any salesman. “The good news is that older singles who desire a spouse appear to face far kinder odds nowadays. When the Census last crunched the numbers in 1996, a single woman at 40 had a 40.8 per cent chance of eventually marrying. Today those odds are probably even higher…” (“Rethinking the Marriage Crunch”)

The new story is as phoney as the first. The 40.8% chance figure was lifted from Table 3 of a 20-page study on marriage released in 2002 based on the 1996 census. The table shows that only 8.6% of women have never married by age 40, and by age 50 this number has dropped to 5%. Thus Newsweek made the calculation (3.6 into 8.6 =40.8) and acted like this was the finding of a new survey. According to this table, another 15% get married by 60 so Newsweek could easily have said that women 40 and over have a 55.8% chance of marrying. For obvious reasons, McGinn didn’t answer my query as to how he arrived at his numbers.

This spectacle demonstrates how the media concocts “news” stories that have a mind control purpose.

The original Newsweek story said “new demographic research” predicted white college educated woman of 30 had only a 20% chance of ever marrying; by 35 the probability dropped to 5%; and by 40, the probability was 2.6%. Therapists reported that many women cited the story as a reason to rush into marriage. No doubt their marriages were doomed to fail and the intense pressure made many of them undesirable to men.

Now the elite mind controllers have decided to send a different message: Pursue career; postpone marriage; don’t worry about children. Wednesday, the central banker-owned media, including CNN and the Wall Street Journal, was full of stories telling educated women to put off marriage. “Not too late to meet Prince Charming After All,” trumpeted ABC News. “Educated Women are Now More Likely to get Married”.

The poster girl for this new message is a 49-year-old contractor Laurie Aronson who married a divorced man 10 years ago and became stepmother to his three children. Then “after five years of infertility treatment” she had a son of her own.

Why is the Media Attacking Women?

The mass media is the mind control instrument of the central bankers who regard the US population as their property. The family of Eugene Meyer, a Lazard Freres banker and former Fed Chairman, controls Newsweek magazine. The central bankers, including the Rockefellers, control the rest of the mass media through ownership or advertising. Their agenda is to undermine the family in order to destabilize society and decrease population.

In a memo, March 11, 1969, Frederick S. Jaffe, Vice-president of Rockefeller-sponsored Planned Parenthood – World Population, outlined examples of proposed measures to reduce United States fertility. Among the measures suggested are: 1) Restructure family: a. postpone or avoid marriage and b. alter ideal family size. 2) Encourage increased homosexuality. 3) Educate for family limitation. 4) Fertility control agents in water supply. 5) Encourage women to work. (Emphasis mine.)

Thanks to elite social engineering, the US fertility rate has declined from 2.5 to 2 children per woman since 1970. Significantly the fertility rate for non-Hispanic whites is 1.8 in the US. In Europe and Canada, it is 1.5 or less.

If the media were on our side, Newsweek/ /would recognize that women’s most fertile years are 18-25 and would be promoting programs for women entering the work force in their 30’s after their children are in school. Instead the media pushes sex as totally separate from reproduction, and downplays mature thinking about family and posterity.

The elite agenda is to prevent women from starting families by
encouraging them to waste these years starting a career and competing
with men. By the time they are 30 and ready for marriage and children, men are much less interested in them.

As one female blogger lamented, “They told us ‘You can have it all, Marriage, children, a fantastic career!’ We have ourselves to blame for believing them.”

She notes, “women still strive to marry up. Men still tend to marry down. The two sexes’ going in opposite directions has led to an epidemic of professional women missing out on husbands and kids.”

She cites Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an economist and the author of “Creating a Life: Professional Women and the Quest for Children,” (2002) who found that 55 percent of 35-year-old career women were childless. Forty seven per cent of 40-something women with professional degrees have no children. Only 14% of these women said they didn’t want children.

Another female blogger commented on the feminist response to Hewlett’s book:
“I’ve honestly come to believe that some feminists don’t want women to have all of the facts. The whole feminist movement is supposedly based on letting women control their own lives. But they don’t seem to trust us to do that on our own. …Now, they want to keep the facts about declining fertility from us, because then we might not choose careers, or choose the upwardly mobile careers they want us to choose.”

Aaron Russo, director of From Freedom to Fascism, recalls he was approached for his ideas by a younger member of the Rockefeller family in 1995. ” He asked me what I thought of the ‘women’s movement,’ and I told him that I support equal opportunity,” Russo continues.

“He looked at me and said, ‘You know, you’re such an idiot in some ways. We’ – meaning the people he works with – ‘created the women’s movement, and we promote it. And it’s not about equal opportunity. It’s designed to get both parents out of the home and into the workforce, where they will pay taxes. And then we can decide how the children will be raised and educated.’ That’s how they control society – by removing the parents from the home and then raising the children as the elitists see fit.”


More and more people are realizing that something is fundamentally wrong with modern society. The truth is too painful for most to accept.

Our money is nothing but “credit” extended by a private banking cartel based in the City of London called “the Crown.” (The names of the shareholders of the Bank of England, the Fed etc. are kept secret.) They create this credit out of thin air and back it with our taxes and interest. Modern history is the process of translating this monopoly of credit into a monopoly of power. Globalization means all nations and all minds will be colonized by this stateless financial power.

This cartel is behind terrorism, feminism, Communism, Zionism, most isms and all wars. Their agenda is to divide and conquer. They need to destroy the four pillars of human identity (race, religion, nation and family) in order to create their New World Order dictatorship.

The bankers use the media to distract, deceive and destabilize society while fostering the illusion of democracy and freedom. The Newsweek cover story is classic psychological warfare. The bankers perfected their techniques against Nazi Germany and put the same experts in charge of their media empires.

The bankers subscribe to Illuminism, a pagan Luciferian creed. Scoundrels who literally have sold their souls to the devil run the world. Their goal is to sever our connection to God and block mankind’s intended spiritual and material development. That is why they promote decadence and dysfunction.

As people become aware of the awful truth, hopefully they will declare mental and spiritual independence and the diabolical beast that /Newsweek /represents will choke on its own vomit.


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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.