Deconstructing Blair

In Washington, some days ago, Tony Blair finally acknowledged that the Iraq war had “split the world”. Now a quibble is in order over the use of the term ‘war’. To use the memorable words of David Icke, this ‘war’ was the equivalent of putting your granny into the boxing ring with Mike Tyson. Nor did this unequal conflict split the world. There was the Axis of Idiocy on one side ( plus minor players who could bribed or cajoled into providing troops) and the rest of the world on the other. Indeed, many citizens of Britain and America opposed this grotesque outburst of state violence, an astonishing number when one considers the mind-moulding qualities of the modern mass media.

They are few, and we are many; although admittedly it doesn’t often feel like that.

I said state violence – but would not the correct word be terrorism? But Blair only applies that latter term to incidents ( largely manufactured, by the way) which are purportedly directed against the Anglo-American-Zionist imperium. For this mostly artificial growth of ersatz terrorism, the apparent remedy is the “universal application of global values”. Ah, we get the drift – disco bars, KFC and Coca-Cola in Mecca and Medinah perhaps? They have ways of making you enjoy yourself! Although it isn’t real enjoyment, more a melancholy distraction in the commercialist wasteland that has shredded the true culture of Europe to ribbons.

But then ‘global values’ lead on inevitably to a ‘global agenda’. He tells us that this ‘global agenda’ is largely already agreed. Surprise, surprise! The salient question is : who makes this global agenda? Most probably not Tony, who hasn’t had an original thought in his head since Gideon Meir introduced him to Michael Levy back in ’94. Incidentally, this pre-formed global agenda makes a mockery of all the insincere pro-forma references to ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’.

But what sort of democracy do we have here? As the writer says, a pernicious mix of big business and busybodies now rules over William Blake’s old Albion. Unlike the old USSR, there is no bedrock of security to compensate for the lack of freedom. The National Health Service in Britain is dismantled piecemeal, by stealth and hardly exists in certain areas of treatment – a simple tooth filling now costing £40. America, of course, has no health service to lose, the ‘wallet biopsy’ having been the norm for years. But, dear me, the old Iraq – before the ghouls were unleashed to annihilate an entire society – had a quite adequate public health service.

“Globalisation begets interdependence. Interdependence begets the necessity of a common value system to make it work.” Here the leader of Britain’s fake Labour party begins to replicate the cadences of the boring bits of the Old Testament. No doubt this is to acclimatise us to the more, shall we say, interesting Biblical stuff awaiting us – like Armageddon!

But the major emphasis of the speech of the great blabber was on some new concept entitled progressive pre-emption. Now that useful euphemism stands in the place of a reality that is presumably very nasty indeed. This progressive pre-emption must resemble the ‘whacking’ of the Cosa Nostra, but upon a massive and global scale. Instead of revolvers, blackjacks and concrete shoes, thermobaric bombs and Cruise missiles!

Consigliere Blair of the New World Order has a good line in smooth menace, a little like an effete version of George Sanders. Consider his chilling reference to “a far more concentrated and concerted strategy across the whole region”. Translated into proper English – as opposed to globalist marketing-speech – does this mean Haditha massacres for Syria and Iran too? See through the illusion. Beyond the podium and the Armani suits, the gouts of blood on the desert sands, and the minaret pockmarked with M-16 bullets.

Indeed, Blair explicitly stated in the speech that : “I don’t believe we will be secure unless Iran changes.’ As with Tonto asking the Lone Ranger, “What’s all this we, paleface”, we are entitled to ask who is this ‘we’. Certainly not the thousands of car workers made redundant in Britain, or the 2.8 million Americans now imprisoned in jail. This ‘we’ is the globalist elite, which has largely sponsored, controlled and maintained Blair throughout his entire career. No wonder he has to please them with a speech that plainly contradicts reality.





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