“I know Jeff Rense as a Predator” – Part Two

By Suezan (Wife #3) – henrymakow.com April 15, 2012

Suezan is one of a long trail of women maimed by marriage/engagement to Jeff Rense (left in 1976) Here she concludes her recollections of a "predator" who parades as an "American Treasure...known as a consummate journalist and patriot and equally known for his kindness, loyalty, sensitivity, compassion and intelligence."

Since coming out with my story, I have been labeled “prostitute” and “drug addict with a zero IQ” by Jeff Rense (JR) in a smear campaign to discredit me.

Apparently, I am dumber-than-dirt…and maybe I am to have come forward with my story.

I was taught right from wrong at a very early age by excellent parents and I should not be made afraid or intimidated by speaking true facts. 

None of what he has said about me is true. Matter-of-fact, the JR I knew [in 1976] was a “hater”.  

First and foremost  he is a “hater” of women… starting with his own [birth] mother who he described to me as a “whore.”  She had many men….he could hear them having sex….when he was a young boy.  

He was also… back in the time I knew him…. a racist…..all ethnicities.

As I remember, he was a pompous ass type, a mouthy antagonist…. name-calling (“niggers,” “Jews,” “chinks”) in conversations with his father and myself. [He was] always better, smarter than everybody else, especially other races.

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