Was Titanic Sinking an Insurance Scam?

henrymakow.com — April 25, 2016

The Titanic’s sister ship, the Olympic, damaged in a collision, was uninsurable and destined for the scrapyard. The fate of the White Star Line and Belfast Shipyards hung in the balance. The Olympic was disguised as its sister ship, the Titanic, and deliberately sunk.
  • Rescue bungled – cover up
  • Wreckage confirms The Titanic is in fact The Olympic 
  • Builder referred to it as The Olympic during hearings.
  • Lloyd’s Paid Out $12 million, $300 million in today’s money.

by John Hamer — (Updated from April 2012)


In 1908, financier J.P. Morgan planned a brand new class of luxury liners that would enable the wealthy to cross the Atlantic in previously undreamed-of opulence.  The construction of the giant vessels, the ‘Olympic’, the ‘Titanic’ and the ‘Britannic,’ began in 1909 at the Harland and Wolff  shipyard in Belfast, Ireland.
Unfortunately for Morgan, this money-making venture went a little awry.  The Olympic, the first of the three sister-ships to be completed was involved in a serious collision with the British Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Hawke in September 1911 in Southampton a few weeks after its maiden voyage. It had to be  ‘patched-up’ before returning to Belfast to undergo proper repair work.
In hindsight, it does seem strange that the Olympic, the first of the ‘sisters’ to enter service, was never given the publicity her younger sister, the Titanic, enjoyed the following year  Why would that be?

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