The Swine Flu Smorgasbord Cuisine of Rot

Smoking Mirrors – April 15, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
(I’m skipping Origami today, until tomorrow. That’s just how it is sometimes, given that certain things come up that want to be said by someone. I don’t know who or why, I just do it (Nike sneaker bounces off the side of the head). Actually, since a lot of it has to do with the polluted soup of an Ebola like culture, it should probably be Petri Dish but, that will do for unsatisfying excuses and explanations- ‘grin’.)
Let’s start out with vulture capitalist Tribe member Geoffrey Sachs. It doesn’t matter what rock you uncover, one of their members will be there sodomizing a Gila Monster, looking for replacement progeny in their assembly line of nepotism. Geoffrey is a money whore, currency tormenter of disadvantaged nations from the IMF. He first surfaced to screw Bolivia, or maybe he was screwing someone else before that; probably. Screwing, killing and destroying entire populations is what The Tribe does. They follow all of these acts with disingenuous apologetics that come nowhere near the truth at any point. This POS was written by a seriously pro Israel blogger, who has the 729 bar-code tattooed on his ass and you can make yourself violently ill by checking out the horrific line of commentary that he posts on his blog. In his disingenuous apologetics, he makes it clear that Christian Zionists are responsible for all of the bad policy, concerning poor little innocent Israel and that Israel has little or nothing to do with any of it. It’s sick-making in the extreme. It’s disgusting and it’s a lie. It’s followed up by garbage like this.
The mindset of those behind the rape and plundering, of any nation with anything worth stealing, inevitably leads to lovely events like this. Imagine going to a poor third world country and hiring a prostitute in a nation we already treat like a whore and then refusing to pay the whore. It follows that the whole crew got busted for it. Now, since they will certainly be fired, they can go to work for the company that used to call itself Blackwater, where there particular morality is not only desirable but welcome. Incipient moral corruption, slowly and sometimes not so slowly, takes over the whole organism and invariably leads to things like this. Then natural reactions set in, as Lady Nature provides the feedback that sweeps out of the dissonance, in our collective failure to act like human beings, or to demand such behavior from our leadership that has been turned into ‘the town pump’ for the usual aggregate of psychopaths and swine. You know who that is, unless, of course, for some mysterious reason, some number of you attribute all of this to mysterious and unnamed sources, who use those we all know about, as poor unwitting pawns who never hurt nobody. Honestly, they wouldn’t hurt a fly, anymore than Tony Perkins would in psycho and… it’s true. I didn’t see him hurt one single fly in the film.
Behind all of this, is the secret symbology and natural digression of the human heart and mind, into the degenerative swamp of ‘me first, you later, maybe’, the operative motto from the operative dynamic of ‘I want it and I want it now, so get the fuck out of my way’. For such times as these, the animal totem is the swine. This is why about 20 year ago, a big PR effort went underway to rehabilitate the image of the pig. People started having them as pets, indoor pets. They raved about how smart and clean they were. They raved about what a bad reputation pigs had picked up over the years. It sort of reminds me of the bad reputation some people picked up over the years. Obviously, that was also undeserved and there’s all kinds of PR going on about that too. As the preeminence of the pig reputation, restoration effort went into full bore, for both four and two legged pigs, the mass of the populations began to devolve into other life forms, such as ambulatory fence posts, rock intelligentsia, Zio-zombie robots with parrot implants. The culture went into reverse and genetic trends became de-evolutionary imperatives, at the hands of cynical whip-masters, with the personality and preferences of crocodiles, along with the territorial awarenesses of a hippopotamus, which, ironically is another kind of pig.
It stands to reason that the dietary attractions of the time would reflect the state of being on its way to terminal entropy. Food, of course, needs to be accompanied by drink. Ancient wisdom says that one should not drink for at least 20 minutes before or after a meal, so that proper digestion can take place. This, certainly means, given the state of the times, that one should swill all kinds of things from plastic bottles and Big Gulp containers, right through the alimentary process. The truly inventive among us; the dietary Teslas and Edisons, continue to make their contributions and the whole society pitches in with it’s avuncular nods and winks, with a big nod and wink to those fearless and intrepid explorers of haute cuisine in the UK, who certainly rival the Filipinos with their creative insights into what we should put into our bodies. Would I be a tad xenophobic and racially insensitive here? That depends on whether it’s true or not but… as we all know by now, the truth is not politically correct and never has been. Pol Pot is alive and well in academia and every hallowed hall, where learning and liberty are buggered, up against a school desk for the entertainment of all.
I pity the faithless, deluded and deceived who look at the spectacle of this dance of the dead, on the edge of a descending nightmare, with no light to be seen. It looks grim. Those already mentioned in this posting, cavort like creatures out of subterranean hells. At the mere approach of criticism they shrink like violets, crying out in their victim-hood as they strike out in all directions. Their toy puppets and their bought and sold stooges, craft pithy little intellectual cowpies for public consumption. All the power of the prostitute press, bought by those who took control of the printing presses… all printing presses, has been turned against humanity. On the back end, they blackmail and murder the few political and social leaders why are not already tools. On the front end, they corral and herd a countless mass of cattle with carrots, sticks, transparent lies and manufactured fears. They’re bound to turn the wheels of demonic commerce; to throw their bodies on foreign wires and bleed out their lives on the nameless ground, where so many have died before and many more will die again for the entertainment and profit of bankers. Who founded and owns the central banks? Mere coincidence.
How depraved and corrupt has the world become? One needs only to measure the percentage of those telling you these things, against the numbers of those obfuscating, fabricating and engaging in vomiting apologias for profit, position and opportunity. They’re whores. They are mere husks of something that might once have been human. They are craven and miserable excuses for a human being. Mostly they are cowards. Mostly they are cowards. We have to call them on this; these self important swine who write for the New York Swines and The Christian Bad Science Monitor, for false Newsweek and wasted Time for ‘it damn well is’ Vanity but Fair it is not, Nasty Bogus Compromised News, Faux News, Cretin Broadcasting System News, Anal Barracuda Center News. They own it all because they stole control of the currency, which gave them the right to make war on everyone else, financing both sides for nothing more than financial profit and geographic control and let us not forget the entertainment value. They like it. They are the chosen offspring of the Dark Lord, whom they worship in all ways available to them, with human sacrifice being the centerpiece. Death is not enough and servitude is not enough for them. They are much darker than this. They want torture and torment. They want fear everlasting. They want that naked, hard on inducing terror, that can be generated in children that they also want to fuck and eat. Is this not so? Yes, it is so. Every horrible thing said about them is true and that is why they force laws on the public to prohibit discussion and investigation. There’s not need to prohibit inquiry if there is nothing there to find.
Everything you see going down is for the single reason of protecting them and their investments and interests. This is because they know what is coming. They know. They have access to the information. They’re going down but the idea is to take everyone else with them. They’re going down but they don’t think they’re going down but they know they’re going down but they don’t think they’re going down. They didn’t go down before, in all of the times when they should have and humanity would have been so much better off but that is because “there is a time to every purpose under Heaven”
I can’t presume to know what goes on in the criminal complexity of their avaricious, bloodstained weasel minds. I’m not curious in any case. I know it’s all under control and for the purpose of demonstration. I’m just going to pound these things out and hope for sympathetic drums. I’m going to pound it out and hope for the river to rise. I’m going to pound it out and just believe that the cosmos is going to pound them out, in some terrifically just and ironic manner. I’m not going to worry about slanderous names attached to me and what I do. I’m not going to worry about their impotent capacity that relies on a primary fear within me that was evicted and displaced by something else. You should be the same. We should be ignition systems that go off like time bombs and depth charges around the globe. We should be time lapse detonators. We should be viral and infective plagues of caustic and healing truth. We should be what we are and not what we have been deceived and twisted into becoming. It’s time to unbecome what we never were and come into being as what we really are.
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