Fritz Springmeier Burned by Filipina Bride Scam

Fritz Springmeier – April 14, 2012

Being scammed by Filipino ladies is easy. I write from experience. Cupid hit Stupid.
Oh, the adventure begins innocently by some lovely Filipina being used as bait to initiate a well-crafted age-old stratagem complete with highly skilled subterfuge and acting that rivals Hollywood.
An American with four Catholic Filipino wives (yes, polygamy) who befriended me said that the situation in the Philippines is so desperate that I could get whatever I wanted in a wife…just make out a list of qualities I wanted, and he’d tell his people, and she would be found. I supplied the list, but only got excuses. Undaunted, I struck out on my own!
During the first match, I detected a scam when the handwriting changed on the letters I received. Being a certified handwriting expert came in handy.
Next match was by Internet, which significantly speeds up the dating (um, scamming) process. As they say, “speed kills”. With Skype and Yahoo Messenger! and a web cam one can talk face to face with your lady for free for hours.
And Western Union, Xoom, and Moneygram will take your money to her almost instantly. (As an aside, the Philippine government is constantly trying to stop the rampant use of the Internet by Filipino ladies who make money by exposing their bodies.)
Using a dating site, I rapidly sifted through hundreds of female profiles to find that special lady. Once discovered, she amazingly said all the right things, including how she feared and loved God and would only do me right. She quoted Scripture. She was only a “simple” country girl.
Later I learned that “simple” is used as a ploy to get your guard down…

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