US Empire is Not the Money Power

Anthony Migchels – April 13, 2012

It is a mistake is to equate the American Empire with the Money Power.
The American Empire is just a tool, an expendable vehicle. Its coming destruction will allow the Money Power’s to achieve its goal of global despotism.
The American Empire indeed has been very important to the Money Power and many people naturally consider the two to be identical. But they are not. In fact: the American Empire is the Money Power’s main competitor for World Power and the last obstacle in their march to World Government.
The Grand Strategy is to have the American Empire overstretch and destroy itself by taking on the Eurasian Powers. Most conspiracy researchers would agree with this statement, but in real time it’s always difficult to grasp the Money Power’s elaborate schemes.
As a result, people all too easily equate opposition to the American Empire with opposition to the New World Order.
Overrating Putin as a defender of Russian Sovereignty is a clear example of this: Putin resists the American Empire, and therefore people believe he’s a good guy.
He is not…

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