Iran Promises New “Initiatives” For Nuclear Talks

News Commentary – April 13, 2012

Without elaborating, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator has promised that ‘new initiatives’ will be offered in forthcoming talks with world powers over Tehran’s controversial nuclear program.
Scheduled for Saturday, the talks will be the first direct negotiations with the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council since the collapse of negotiations 14 months ago.
Although chief Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili didn’t expand on what exactly these “new initiatives” involved, one source in contact with Israeli intelligence claims it had obtained a preview of Iran’s strategy at the talks.
If true, the upcoming negotiations could prove difficult for Western negotiators and especially embarrassing for Israel.
According to DEBKAfile, top of Iran’s tactical agenda at the talks will be an “Israeli dossier”.
Tehran’s negotiators have reportedly been briefed to take every demand made of Iran over its nuclear program and insist that the same requirement also be applied to Israel.
Although Israel has never publicly acknowledged having a nuclear weapons program, the Zionist state has long been suspected of possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction, including nuclear weapons. Much of Israel’s covert nuclear weapons program was revealed by Mordechai Vanunu, a former Israeli nuclear technician who spent 18 years in prison for his revelations.         
Nonetheless, Israel still maintains a policy of “nuclear ambiguity”; meaning that it will neither confirm nor deny it possesses nuclear weapons. This is despite the fact that the Zionist state is thought to possess as many as 200 nuclear warheads.
According to DEBKAfile, Iranian negotiators will argue that they are seeking to promote President Obama’s declared vision of a nuclear free Middle East.
Whether exposing the West’s double standards on this matter will win them any concessions is another matter though.
Double standards have indeed become an integral part of Western foreign policy: whether it be “liberating” Iraq and killing nearly a million Iraqis in the process. Or making business deals with Gaddafi, and sending exiled dissidents back to Libya to be tortured, before having Gaddafi himself overthrown after he became surplus to requirements.
So double standards are now a cornerstone of Western foreign policy. But whether its negotiators will take kindly to having this rubbed in their faces, or whether they will see it as a provocative gesture of defiance, remains to be seen.
Equally uncertain is whether the Western media will actually provide details of Iran’s proposals if these are indeed what it tables.
Much depends on the upcoming talks, but whether the corporate media provides us with an accurate account of what really happens is still uncertain.
As Sherman Skolick was wont to say, stay tuned…

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