Leviathan Unbound

Preparing the Way for the Anti-Christ

Anyone familiar with Rudolph Steiner’s work will know that his writings on esoteric Christianity are heavy intellectual workouts. As I’m not particularly intellectual I owe a lot of my understanding of Steiner’s work to a friend of mine. Recently while talking together we found ourselves in complete agreement on one particular point; a point of such significance that I want to share it with this websites readers.

We were talking about Bush’s determination to go to war with Iraq. What was the real motive for war with Iraq we wondered? Does Bush, or more precisely the cabal for whom Bush is simply a front man, want Iraq for its oil? Or is it, as David Duke suggests in the article linked below, simply a ruse for the Zionists to distract the world’s attention as they implement a “final solution” to their problems in Palestine? Both are quite plausible and I wouldn’t dismiss either. But there is another possible reason, one that is much more sinister and of far greater consequence.

Clearly Bush needs to create “enemies” who have to be destroyed – by doing so he will win public support and boost sales for his friends in the defence and oil industries. Obviously Ariel Sharon also needs to distract western public attention as he embarks on a ‘final solution’ to the problems in Palestine. Both are pushing us toward a potential war and that is exactly how darker forces work: they take pressing wants and desires and then endow them with seemingly paramount importance to be achieved at any cost: sex for a rapist, money for a thief.

Bush, Sharon and Hussein are all obviously morally compromised and something has exploited their ambitions – something of a much darker origin is waiting in the wings to take advantage of situations they have created. Ready to exploit all the pain and suffering they have helped produce and make his debut on the world stage as a great “peace-maker” is evil incarnate itself, the anti-Christ.

Steiner indicated that Ahriman – otherwise known to us as Satan – would incarnate in human form in the latter part of the twentieth century. He would be born into a powerful East Coast establishment family and would excel in the worlds of science and politics. More importantly though he would make his entrance on the world stage as a man of peace, and would be welcomed by the unsuspecting as a negotiator: despite being the anti-Christ incarnate.

Currently there is growing opposition to a war with Iraq; at the moment it’s peacefull but if war does break out, and particularly as the casualties mount, that could change. Setting the stage perfectly for the appearance of a man to resolve the problems with Iraq. You can almost see it as crowds of ordinary people rally round him as he brings peace to a troubled region.

But behind the peace loving public image will be a diabolical force carefully orchestrating events. So while Bush may appear a complete dummy he may be fully aware of the part he’s playing, along with the Zionists and Saddam Hussein, in preparing the way for the debut of the anti-Christ on the world stage.

How soon before he makes his appearance? At the very most a couple of years but the way things are moving it is more likely to be a matter of months. This writer can’t even guess at his name but if there is indeed a war with Iraq watch for the appearance of one who overshadows the resultant peace process.

Finally it should be emphasised that his appearance will only occur after the coming conflict in Iraq. He is definitely not going to stop the pending war but he will capitalise on the slaughter: as he steps forth onto the world stage as a diplomat and “peacemaker.” Whatever happens, the coming weeks and months could prove to be a decisive turning point in human history.

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