Blair links West’s security to change in Iran

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Friday that the West would not be “secure” until Iran changed its behaviour in the international arena.

“I don’t believe we will be secure unless Iran changes”, Blair told an audience at the Georgetown University during a trip to the United States.

“I emphasise I am not saying, we should impose change. I am simply saying the greater freedom and democracy which, I have no doubt, most Iranians want, is something we need”.

Blair said that Tehran had a choice of being “partners with the wider world” or being “defined in opposition to it”.

“If Iran leads the latter camp, the results will be felt by us all. The most effective way of avoiding that is to encourage and support all nations and people in the region who share our belief that freedom is the best route to peace and prosperity. This cannot and should not be the responsibility of the United States alone. The EU, in particular, needs to be fully engaged. But country by country, in every way we can, with every means we can properly deploy, the international community should be the champions of those who want change there. And wherever those who strive for that freedom are in danger, we should be at their side”, he said.