Jesse Macbeth is a Fraud

“I am Jesse’s older sister. Let me tell you…I am finally glad someone has finally discovered he is a fraud.

My brother went to army boot camp but got kicked out after four weeks for an inability to adapt to military life and was sent to a mental hospital in Georgia.

We grew up in the Arizona foster care system. Our mother is schizophrenic, a drug addict, and very abusive. Jesse spent the majority of his childhood in mental hospitals.

He convinced me back in 2002 that he was sick from Hep C and in need of surgery. I took him in. When I discovered that he was faking and stealing from me, I asked him to leave. I drove him all they way back to Arizona (I was going to school in California) and by the time I got back he had managed to empty my bank account, my roommates bank account, and charge up my credit card.

He somehow convinced people in Pima, Arizona that he got shot in the back in Iraq and his story just took off from there.

My brother is mentally ill. I don’t know where my cute little baby brother went or how he got replaced by this scary monster. I don’t know how to help him, so I had to stop contact with him all together. At least now, maybe he’ll be forced to get some help and get back on his medication.”

An Army spokesman recently stated that there was no record of a Jesse MacBeth serving in the Army or the Rangers and that therefore what Mr.MacBeth stated in his video about U.S. military atrocities and cold-blooded murder must be a hoax.

Indeed, as the reader who forwarded this information to us writes, this is beyond sad, it is tragic.

A mentally ill young man with a lengthy arrest record, spins a tale about his “experiences” in Iraq which is then held aloft by the anti-war movement as evidence of US Army “war crimes” and wrong doing.

Even the most ardent neocon could not have wished for more.

By doing so he discredits the anti-war movement and the alternative media who give him publicity in the first place.

In fact if I were a neocon I would actually pay people to do this, as a means to discredit and undermine opposition.

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