Voice of the White House May 25, 2006

“I think most intelligent Americans realize that the Bush people are raging nuts, bent on establishing a theocracy-based neo-fascistic reign in America. Bush’s pet beaner, Gonzales the suck-ass AG, says anything his boss does is legal, including torture, illegal wiretapping, false imprisonment, gross theft and misappropriation and many, many other patently illegal actions.

Bush puts gross incompetents, like Chertoff and Bolton, into office behind Congress’ backs, tries to stuff the courts with right wing nuts and certainly holds all of Congress, including fellow Republicans (Bush is a neo nazi, not a Republican) in great contempt and has stated, in writing, that he will not enforce their laws. Now we have the disgusting spectacle of a Bush-ordered FBI invasion of Congressional offices (a Democratic target naturally) looking for proof of theft and corruption.

Wouldn’t it be more productive for the FBI, seeking evidence of misfeasance and theft, to search Cheney’s offices instead? That man, with a 15% national approval rating, has looted so much money through his connections with the Halliburton complex that could easily to buy Mexico and loot its Vera Cruz oil fields.

Bush has lost, is not losing but has lost, both sides of the aisles in the Senate and the House and a sudden revolt is not to be ruled out. The rebellious Congressmen, and women, had best be careful because the Gonzales people have spies planted amongst aides in Congress and they all snitch on a regular basis to dear Alberto, he of the damp back, is known here to run sniveling to his Lord and Master in the Oval Office., bearing lists of treasonable Republican and despicable, Negro-loving liberals on the other side of the aisles.. The time has come, the Walrus said, to remove all of these thieving, walking garbage bags from office. Sooner rather than later!”

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