Paul Drockton Costs His Readers a Fortune

By Kevin – February 25, 2012

Paul Drockton has spent a lot of time writing about Henry Makow on ‘‘.  So who is Paul Drockton?

Drockton claims he’s quite intelligent.  He states that he is: 

“One of a Handful in the world to score perfect scores on various, professionally administered, IQ Tests.” 

Many Rense listeners will recall that back in Sept and Oct of 2011 when Drockton appeared as a guest on Rense’s show, he urged Patriots to SHORT the S&P 500.    Drockton’s research had revealed that the Elite had invested huge sums (billions of dollars) to short the S&P and it was going to plummet in days, if not weeks.

Patriots could hang on the Elite’s coattails and make a fortune! Not sure how to short?  Drockton will show you how, for a fee, of course:

“You should be shorting the market with the psychos. I do consult for a fee. email me for more info”. (link: ).

Of course any broker would provide this information for free.    

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