“I know Jeff Rense as a Predator” – Ex-Wife #3

By Suezan – henrymakow.com April 8, 2012

One slick dude. Click to enlarge(Editor’s Note: If this article were about Henry Kissinger or Milt Romney,  “Patriots” would be doing high-fives and sending congratulations. Because it is about Jeff Rense, many hypocrites will see it as a betrayal. They prefer a comfortable lie to disconcerting truth.
Friends, Jeff Rense has betrayed our trust.  Psychopaths know how to win trust but invariably betray it. Suezan, his third wife, also found him “charming” as did eight other ex-wives, many more fiances, listeners and former collaborators.
Truthers must face the truth. Far from championing truth and goodness, Jeff Rense is a fraud. Together with Megan’s revelations, this article confirms a life-long pattern of pathological deceit and exploitation that has not ended.) 

By Suezan – (henrymakow.com)

Today is April 5, 2012.   My name is Suezan.  I am a fabulous 62-year-old country-girl who lives in a restored vintage log cabin on acreage, enjoys gardening, works as a volunteer for an animal cause, enjoys good health both mentally and physically, and I love life. 
Four days ago, Megan, Jeff Rense’s 9th wife (a complete stranger) contacted me via e-mail (amazing how people can be found these days).  I have been corresponding with her and have learned much about her nightmare of a marriage to Jeff Rense (JR).
 I find myself re-living “life in hell” as his 3rd wife (1977).  In 1976, I was employed by the Santa Barbara County Health Dept. as secretary to the Venereal Disease Clinic. 
JR was a news reporter for the local ABC TV station doing a story on the VD Clinic.   He pursued me and we began a relationship. I thought he was charming. 
I too soon moved to Las Vegas with him when he accepted a job as anchorman with the local ABC TV station. He was a peculiar man with many quirks, i.e., I was not allowed to touch popcorn at a movie theater with my hands GERMS!!!
I was told to use my tongue to scoop up the popcorn. I was only allowed to listen to classical music (I was 25 years old) even in my own car. 
He would check my car radio and was enraged if I had changed it to rock-n-roll. No baths – GERMS!!!. 
 He constantly reminded me of his intellectual superiority over me.  He told me that he knew Mario Lanza in a past life and was obsessed with his voice….and other intimate personal things I won’t mention here. 
At this point I was under the influence of a mentally abusive, self-absorbed controlling man…isolated from family and friends.
I was very young, very pretty and apparently naive. Such a classic case of mental abuse, only I didn’t have the life-skills yet to know better.
I owned a 1st trust deed at this time that was being paid-in-full. This was substantial amount of money for a young woman in the 70’s. 
When he learned of this, JR convinced me to marry him. We married at a small chapel on the strip.   I wore blue jeans and a red sweater.  
Shortly after the “wedding” he made plans for “our” future to buy a piece of land in Santa Barbara to build a house and live happily ever after. I am not sure what happened to his anchorman job. 
I purchased the land with my money. Soon after, he turned off the charm. The warm husband turned into a cold stranger. He demanded I sign over the land in exchange for the condo we lived in which was mortgaged to the hilt by him. 
I was working a near minimum wage job and broke. I was confused and hurt, but not willing to go along with his demands. The threats began. He would call me at work and threaten to throw my dog Teddy and cat Nuisance out the 8th floor window of the condo or they would disappear and I would never seen them again. 
I slept on the couch. He would stand over me, glaring, hateful eyes with fists clenched over my face, like he was going to punch me in the face, sometimes all night. He tore my pajamas one night while I was trying to get away from him.
All this time harassing me, belittling me….all for me to sign over the Santa Barbara land.   I try to recall how many days/weeks I endured his rage. 
 My only salvation was a friend at work who I could talk to about my “hellish” marriage. She became my best friend and still is to this day. 
One night, he got out his gun, a .357 magnum I believe….stood in the hall in front of the door of the 8th floor condo….only entrance/exit. The gun was pointed at me and then he “acted” out an attempt to commit his own suicide with the gun to his head.
This was probably, in his self-absorbed way of thinking, that he thought I cared about him so much….threatening his own life would have a traumatic affect on me. All an act….although I believe he was “crazy” with desperation because I was not “caving-in” to his demands as easily as he thought I would. My life was in danger…psychos do “snap”. I was paralyzed with fear.
After that, I knew my life was worth more than money/land. I was isolated, sick and ashamed. I gave him what he wanted….land in Santa Barbara and a divorce. 
I stayed a short while in Las Vegas and then returned to Santa Barbara where I eventually met and married a wonderful man.   I don’t recall ever speaking of Jeff Rense again to anyone, even my family…..until now.  
I was his third wife and have to wonder about the other eight wives.    A man without honor is no man.  I know Jeff Rense as a predator.


Comment from Megan, wife #9

Dearest Suezan,Thank you so much for your courage to come forward.  I have been waiting and hoping for other ex-wives and ex-girlfriends to come forward and corroborate my story.I remember well the shock when my warm loving soul-mate husband turned utterly cold on me, once he had what he wanted, which in my case was me abandoning my job and friends (he wouldn’t allow me to email anybody from my old job) to come live with him.Jeff also forced me to divorce him against my will.  He did not hold me at gunpoint, but rather threatened to destroy me financially if I consulted a lawyer and did not sign the papers IMMEDIATELY.  I was so afraid of Jeff by this point, that I signed immediately.And Jeff also left me adrift financially, I have lost all my retirement (which I was heavily penalized for disbursing early), and all the equity from my home I sold to be with Jeff.  And soon my entire savings account will be drained.My one chance to get back on my feet, both financially and emotionally, a great job in a different state that I was perfect for, he made sure to ruin my chances by harassing me continuously during the preparation for the interview, a very stringent interview, and lost me that job. 

So, once again, thank you Suezan.  You have survived Jeff and thrived and give me hope that I may survive too.  Maybe even thrive, but that seems so impossible right now.

Ex-wife #9 (or thereabouts)


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