I Wasn’t Born Gay and Didn’t Choose It

Steve Abrams – henrymakow.com April 7, 2012

I suppose you could say that I am a recovering homosexual. I’m not fully recovered, but I don’t think calling myself a homosexual would be correct. 
Perhaps a better description for me is someone with homosexual tendencies.  You see, I don’t believe anyone is born gay and I say this with great pain because my journey or life has not been a happy one. 
A lot of people who believe they were born this way say they are happy with it and maybe they are but that doesn’t make it right.  A lot of people are happy with their condition but I am not.
Even while living as a gay man in the gay community, I always felt uneasy about it but couldn’t express it to other gay people as I would be accused of being a traitor or giving into the Christian mindset.
But my story has to be told because I believe other people with homosexual tendencies are also not happy with it, and also cannot express what they feel.  I think we are in the minority though.  Here is my story in brief…

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