Iran’s nuclear timetable

Washington Post – April 7, 2012

U.S. officials say Iran’s leaders are gathering the materials for a nuclear bomb but have not decided to build one. If they do, they’l have to overcome technical hurdles and risk having their work discovered by outsiders. Here are steps Iran might follow to make its first weapon.


Comment – April 7, 2012

While the above is interesting it is purely speculative. There is no evidence that Iran has decided to develop a nuclear weapon, as the article concedes. There is however a crucial ommission. While the article only speculates on Iran’s nuclear ambitions it omits to say that Israel has gone through the above process A COUPLE OF HUNDRED times, at least.
Interesting that the Washington Post studiously omits to mention this, which many consider an all but established fact, while dwelling on an item of pure speculation as if it were new information. But then that’s how disinformation works: it passes itself off as “news”.

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