Hammers and Nails and Avatars, Oh My.

Visible Origami – April 6, 2012

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This is one of those cardinal days having to do with the Sun King. This is the death and resurrection sector, just as the date on the other end has to do with the birth aspect. Personally, I have no problem with the virgin birth, or any of the miracles or mysteries of that faith. I take exception to the perversion of the scriptures, at the hands of those manipulating the believers, for the purpose of conquest, plunder, land theft and the use of the twisted scriptures, to justify the abuse and theft and put a divine imprimatur on all kinds of crime because God said it was okay. Like the song says, “Onward Christian dumbasses, marching off to war, with the sign of Satan, going on before”. Or, that’s how it should be sung. Fundies and traditionalists might and will take exception with my use of the language and all sorts of ancillary complaints but, none of this is about Jesus Christ. This is about the pernicious plague of Zionism, that manipulates the Shmoo’s to join up with the Teletubbies and other factions for the purpose of mayhem and malice.
Those actually following the master, can expect all manner of contempt and smear tactics; shunning and pariah status, cause it goes with the territory, God forbid you should really behave according the the principles laid down, especially when there’s money to be made by those “zoomin who”. It’s a solitary road. It’s a narrow path. It’s a lonely highway; accent on ‘high’. It’s about liberation and revelation and that runs counter and contrary to the plots and plans of the big ass, mucky mucks who are running their own version of a Smithfield meat packing plant.
It’s about the difference between confinement and true freedom and there is nothing more dangerous to the interests of the demagogues and sanctimonious predators than someone in possession of true freedom, because it is contagious like a brush fire in the wind. This particular dynamic, concerning confinement and true freedom demands a deeper exploration. If you’ve ever been to a zoo, you may have seen some of the examples I am going to present to you. Maybe you have seen monkeys throwing their shit at the public, as it makes fun of the monkeys, without realizing that they behave exactly the same in a different fashion. If you go over to the elephant enclosure, the elephant will come to the bars and stick his trunk through the bars for peanuts. If you don’t have any, he will blow elephant snot all over you. Animals behave a certain way when they are in confinement. People are the same.
Confinement is hard to recognize when you own a home (or used to) and have a job (or used to) and tend to ‘believe you can come and go’ as you like. Confinement likes to hide in the underbrush, or camouflage itself as something other than what it is. There are all kinds of confinements. Let’s take sexual confinement for instance. The sexual dynamic, in ordinary traditional Christianity, is perverted and evil; subsequently it becomes perverted and evil, as it has in the Catholic Church. The actual translation for sin is, ‘missing the mark’. As opposed to the lyrics in the song Allison, your aim is not true. Well, repressed sexuality leads to rage. It’s bottled anger and just the thing for war, not to mention seething resentment toward one’s neighbors. When the plumbing gets messed with, the pipe will burst at the weakest link, sort of, or it will flow in a direction other than it might naturally go. Plumbing, in it’s professional application, will send the water, or whatever, in the direction it is channeled.
The Essene’s and the Gnostics had a yoga. Yoga is basically plumbing too. You run the currents, or ‘our water’ through channels to get a desired effect. I’m not literally specific about “our water” here but that’s because I picked up on the process, in the process of discussing it here, at a later stage than where it starts out at. This whole paragraph will be Greek to most people, as opposed to Aramaic (grin) but that’s how it goes. When you can mess up people’s plumbing then you can channel the pressure that builds in any direction you like. The public is a body just like your body is a body and collective force is channeled all kinds of ways, depending on how the bankers, politicians and priests want it to be channeled, depending on how much money is in it. All of these people, most of the time, work for Satan. Satan’s chosen are the same as they ever was and the natural and enduring enemy of anything having to do with essential Jesus Christ.
In a time of pervasive materialism, confinement is the order of the day. The senses are bound by sense objects and ‘strange lusts’ are everywhere to be seen. Once it gets totally out of hand, and it always does, one avatar or another has to step in and restore balance. They’re all Sun Kings. The ‘my way or the highway’ people who misinterpret the meaning of that scriptural passage, “no man cometh unto the father save by me”, will tell you there was only ever one avatar, same today and for all of eternity and it you don’t like it, look out. Sure, it’s all the same avatar, given that those who arrive at that station have been transformed into a likeness. What a lot of people don’t get is that Jesus was a man and Christ is a station. One is a person and the other is a state, or place, if you prefer. The thing is that the other conflicting religions all have that ‘my way or the highway’ thing too and they’re all right.
A sage mind looks at this world and sees that it is a world of conflict and of appearances, waring against each other, so the logical result is that they crucify their saviors. That’s how it works and they all fancy a little pink slime, pork surprise, on those days when they celebrate the things they would be glad to do all over again, if you just give them the chance. Some people would find such an existence pointless and meaningless; a fiery redundancy on a flaming wheel of grilled hamsters. It’s not pointless. The point is to graduate out of it. It is a place of conflict, where those who choose to make peace with themselves can accomplish it, albeit with a degree of difficulty, given the squirrely and rampaging, temporarily tumescent, Shmoos and Teletubbies that make the effort so interesting.
Sure, I could use more prosaic and flowery language on such a colorful subject and I have done so and I’ve done it more than once and repeated myself in the bargain, because if it was so at another time, it’s still so now, or, conversely, if I was wrong then, then I’m still wrong now, but I prefer blunter language on occasion, because the times are blunter, with not very many sharp knives in the drawer. The cooling and illuminating waters of the divine are drawn up out of the wellspring of Nature. Whatever we have morphed and grafted the incomprehensible into or on to, is just our frustrating and futile efforts to give picture and voice to something that can’t be contained or defined in either medium. It’s always beyond our grasp and reason doesn’t enter into it, though it might take you a ways. Generally in times of material darkness, reason is used to dispute, what should be self evident, in terms of its existence; accent on self.
Many people will spend the day hammering the avatar back up on a cross, in one way or another. They’ll keep doing to the least of them what they do to the rest of them. They’ll continue to fail to love their brother as themselves and certainly they won’t be loving the creator with all their heart and mind because that requires a submission that can be pretty scary, though they have no problem submitting themselves to the people and forces who really will mess them over in a big way at every opportunity.
We get people coming around here who have finally succumbed to their cynicism and who want no part of whatever gets said here but they need to keep returning because there’s a chance that they might be able to kill someone else’s faith, due to the misery loves company modality. Others whine about not being shown the way out and how it’s all a bunch of words, when they’ve been shown multiples of ways out for a long time, but aren’t interested in that route because somehow they know better, while admitting they have no idea and wouldn’t be asking if they did know; would they? Certain things make people brutal and mean. Confinement does that, especially when you don’t think you’re confined and don’t understand how all your freedom as license has confined you.
There are a whole lot of people whose cynicism and disbelief has grown to ridiculous states and where the only enjoyment they are able to experience anymore, is when they can mess with someone because the wrong thing crawled up inside them and died. In the process they evicted all their good friends who made life worth living. We all have invisible friends but if you treat them indifferently or wrong, they’re going to be distant invisible friends. We all have the opportunity and capacity for regenerated innocence, as opposed to senility but we make the choice to harden our arteries at the same time that we harden our hearts. It’s not so hard to forget who you are, along with everything you thought you knew, when you never bothered to look for yourself in the first place. Then when what’s on the surface begins to fade away there’s nothing underneath it.
One’s life is the sum total of the qualities, insights and experience acquired. You don’t take anything with you but what you have become. That’s the good news and the bad news. It’s all happening right this moment and most people are too busy to take it seriously but it takes them seriously, oh yes it does. The key phrase here is, “where there’s life there’s hope”. The problem for most people is that they can’t see the hourglass. The divine is the life within us. There would be no life otherwise, just as there would be no life on this planet without the sun and I guess that says something about The Sun King. Happy Easter, where it may apply.
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