Ontario Schools Begin Masonic Child Sex Abuse

Abridged from the March 2012 Edition of Reality, A publication of the Real Women of Canada – henrymakow.com April 5, 2012

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, a Freemason, makes the sign of horus as he prepares to corrupt the province's youth. Click to enlarge

A collision soon will occur in Ontario, Canada over the imposition of homosexual indoctrination in all schools, regardless of the views of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, other religious parents. 

Fall-out from this pending battle will resonate all across Canada as the premiers in the other provinces and territories are intensely watching this knock down, drag out fight.

In December 2011, Dalton McGuinty, the Freemason Premier of Ontario, a Liberal, ordered, by Bill 13, that all Ontario schools, whether public, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, set up programs to allow gay/straight alliance clubs, and to normalize and affirm homosexuality. 

The program also provides homosexual activists access to Ontario schools.   The pretext that this program will prevent the bullying of homosexual students.

This fools no one.  Fierce opposition to this policy has come from the Catholic School Trustees Association, which has thrown down the gauntlet, flatly refusing the government policy, stating that only Catholic teaching on homosexuality will be permitted in Catholic schools.

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