The Kings of the Highlife and the Cannibal Pigs

Reflections in a Petri Dish – April 5, 2012

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May your noses always be on the scent of roses by any other name.
They call it Good Friday. I call it tomorrow and if you think about it, that’s not irreverent. I still don’t understand why they don’t call it Bad Friday but… I do get the point of the sacrifice implied. I’m also pretty sure that it’s also one of those roses by any other name, though traditionalists from the ‘my way or the highway’ demographic may beg to differ, though I don’t think the word ‘beg’ will actually be included in the response. Mithra! It’s getting deep in here (good thing I edit before posting, I’d left the last ‘e’ off of ‘here’), speaking of other things which also smell by any other name, which I wasn’t but… what difference does that make?
The paper of false record; The New York Swines, may have broken a record for the number of alleged, inferred and suspected ofs, with their latest caper off into the realm of fantasy, as a prelude to bloodshed (check out the comments, people are waking up). Meanwhile, the government not of or by the people, is looking to execute a man, or several, that they tortured relentlessly, in order to force them to admit to crimes that were performed by the people who employed the torturers; that’s Kafkaesque at its best. It rhymes with burlesque, which I think is no accident. Yes, they tortured these men and now they intend to kill them for crimes, COMMITTED BY THE PEOPLE DOING THE TORTURING. Israel did 9/11 with a consortium of freaks, psychopaths and sundry, at the command of bankers, whose dynasties have been entrenched for generations. The next time someone gives you grief for saying that Israel did 9/11, just tell them you can prove it; that you have ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD. Tell them to read the contents of that link and then refute it. They will not be able to. Then you may tell them that both denial and stupidity can be found at closing time, when the bars close and all cats are gray. Tell them they can go home with one on each arm, like they were the King of the Highlife. Here’s how it is when ‘you don’t want to know’. You find out in ways you don’t want to.
Yes, Easter is here and those for whom irony is a mystery, will be sitting down to a pricier pig than they’ve been used to. This is the result of governmental killings of pigs being ‘grown’ (is that the right word?) by small, independent farmers. This is the result of cracking down on small businesses so that the super pigs have a monopoly, on selling their relatives to the people who want to eat pork, on the day of resurrection. Did I say irony? Now let me see… one of the primary tenets of the founder of a particular religion was anti-materialism, “in all things, walk thou contrary to the world”. Let me see, what animal most symbolizes materialism and the greed and hunger that accompanies it? This definitely accounts for the big bank accounts of all the big haired preachers, with that ten pound Rolex on their wrist. Once again, irony rears it’s bonny head because, to be sure, time spent in this manner is expensive and should be treated with the respect that the cost indicates.
The anti-Muslim tear is being big money fueled and financed in a wide variety of venues. Reducing humanity to the consciousness of livestock, will cause the departure of the higher virtues. That’s the point, after all. No animal behaves like a human being, who has allowed themselves to be turned into an animal. This is the payoff for materialism. This is the fruit of the blind worship of objects. It turns you into swine. This is why people get stampeded at Wal-mart’s and all the big box, shit stores ♫here, there and everywhere♫ They came, they saw, they consumed and then they vomited. It’s reverse engineered projectile diarrhea. It’s garbage in and garbage out and the direction from which it appears does not change the quality, kind or consistency of the item. Dog eat dog worlds, always leads to the veneration and exhalation of amputee love …and they vote and they have rights! “Wow! Look at the missing limbs on that chick”; probably a reaction to Venus de Milo.
The essence of all religious holidays is contained in Nature. Humanity grafts present tastes on to the dynamic, depending on the main theme that’s operative, according to prevailing, planetary influences. Mithra! It makes my head swim and that’s why I always wear water wings on my ears. Hmmm… Myth Ra? Probably a coincidence; “once is coincidence, twice is happenstance. The third time it’s enemy action”. So said Goldfinger to Bond, just before he tossed the cat to Oddjob.
‘Icons to the left of me, icons to the right, into the Valley of the Golden Calf, marched the larger portion of the population’. I’d have to say that the discovery or invention of things like Viagra is one of the worst things that could happen. There’s a reason why your dick shouldn’t work that well at a certain age, unless, of course, you’ve got it enrolled in a dick management program and then you’re covered, according to motive, means and opportunity. If you’re not enrolled, it’s a recipe for disaster because, well… I’m not going to diagram why that is. It’s a fairly complex subject when properly explicated and most of you can suss it out on your own anyway. It does account for Donald Trump buying The Miss America pageant.
I remember The Donald hosting a dinner (didn’t get a dinner) at his chandelier infested home at Mar-A-Lago Club in Florida. He had about twenty or so of the Miss America contestants there. Heh heh. These pneumatic, blow-up dolls, seem to be his idea of a human trampoline. In these specific cases, the nipples are nozzles for the bicycle pumps. These airbrushed Barbie Dolls tell The Donald that he has arrived. Given that they smell like a high end version of one of those chemical factories along the New Jersey thruway, I’d have to demur. I remember, one night, walking out of Lahaina, toward 505 Front Street. I was headed for Pacifico’s, a pricey ocean-side fish restaurant, where they had a jazz combo on the weekends. The players would change now and then but it was always good. I was about a hundred yards away, when two young ladies, who would not probably have made the cut for the pageant, passed me by, most likely coming from that general location. Immediately as they passed me, my mouth was filled with the taste of awful perfume. It seems that the scientists who work in that area; one of the most important areas of human research and no doubt, in some way affiliated with bio-weapons research, had come up with some kind of a suspension additive that caused the substance to hang in the air. It was a good fifteen minutes before the taste left my mouth, no doubt the Beck’s that I probably had on arrival, provided some assistance.
I’m in awe of the massive laboratory setup I used to see in certain bathrooms. I think about all of the varieties of unguents, powders, smearables and the rest that are required to transform a potentially beautiful woman into a character from Beetlejuice. The true, highest perfection of that beauty is not comprehensively evident until they cry. Of course, I was probably crying before that. The Asians raised this to the height of ridiculous with foot binding and the Geisha/Kabuki motifs. Yeah, the age of materialism; piercings, tattoos and cosmetic foot surgery, so that they can wear Jimmy Choo shoes. Did I mention anal bleaching? This and all the rest of the ‘enhanced living accessories’ are fertile ground for endless war. It gives a whole new meaning to, “by way of deception”.
You may think I’m digressing but I’m not. It all ties together. It’s all of a piece. It’s all got a reason and a result, according to the purpose of demonstration. You can ask yourself, which came first, the chicken or the Easter egg? Most people wouldn’t get the irony of that one either, just like Good Friday being tomorrow but we’re all about opaque and abstruse in these parts. That’s how gnostics are. Anybody can be a gnostic, you don’t need a uniform or a membership card, you just have to walk the talk and understand the difference between serpents and snakes. That particular consideration is active all the time but gets the Twitter treatment most of the time.
I first discovered murderous thugs and the ubiquity of corruption by reading history. As bent out of shape as it may be, in respect of actual occurrences, there’s a lot to be learned there. Later on, I was exposed to it in real life, directly and indirectly. I discovered that life’s not fair, if you have one eye closed. I discovered that what most people take to be the penultimate of freedom and release, is a spider’s web. I discovered a lot of things, which I routinely forget and have to constantly remind myself of, or be reminded of. It’s like watching TV. When you first start doing it, you are aware that you are doing it. In a few minutes you’ve forgotten yourself as the observer. This is how people get sucked into everything else as well.
So, they’re going to go on playing “Game of Thrones” for the moment. There’s always some version of that at work, for the purpose of demonstration. It will turn out like it always does, until it turns out different, as one might suspect could be the case in these unusual times, when so many varieties of force and conditions are all in play. One might say, “You can’t make this shit up” but might better say, “You shouldn’t make this shit up”. Seeing as we have, or someone did, in a powerful enough manner to make it palpable, I’d have to say it all comes down to how much and what kind of ‘touchy feely’ you can handle. It’s certainly one of the reasons that I tend to avoid crowds and… ham sandwiches? Well, that goes without saying.
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