The Halitosis Winds From the Corruption Choir

Smoking Mirrors – April 4, 2012

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There I am, wading through the news today. I go to the Dark Side Media first. There, I get to see the fluff balls, blown around in the Halitosis Winds. It’s a dreadful stench that wafts from that toxic dragon’s lair. The flesh of his victims rots between his sharp and adamantine teeth. The flames pass through the channels of the teeth and continuously reheat the fetid barbeques of times past. The wind that blows from the dragon’s mouth, is the sum total of a choir that is singing the final movements of Hell’s Unfinished Symphony. This man is singing second tenor behind the first lack of wisdom tooth on the left side.
In the fetid regions of the lower astral’s, largest septic tank, creatures like the aforementioned, are birthed to be Nemesis to the human race. You can hear the sump pump, playing, like a demented didgeridoo, as it processes them into the manifest, where they become duck’s in the cosmos’s shooting gallery. You may not think so and they may not think so but it is so. You see, well… a lot of you have been wondering for some amount of time; why is everything taking so long? Why do circumstances and events creep along like molasses going uphill in January? Why has the long abortion, of fabricated history, gone on and on, without respite, resolution or anticipated revelation? As to the latter, that’s an individual matter. Revelation and degrees of awakening have been going on for a long time. The other two are individual as well but… it’s true, things are grinding on and on, like a bad rap version of Alice’s Restaurant or Visions of Johanna but… as we all know, sooner or later, later becomes sooner or sooner becomes later. In the meantime, it’s going on like this to give people time to wake up and to see what they will do, because it is all for the purpose of demonstration.
A lot is riding on this demonstration. More is riding on this demonstration than most people imagine. This has been coming for 26,000 years and has involved at least three separate periods of historical record, of which, most of us possess some slight knowledge only of the one we are in. Now I know that many people don’t believe in this sort of thing and a surprising number don’t even care. They want to get laid and have a hog nostril’s pizza with extra cheese, along with a six pack of Budweiser afterwards. The whole procedure shouldn’t take more than an hour and it only takes that long because you can only drink so many beers in so much time; most people anyway. It might have taken longer, if there was more going on in the sexual dynamic but… it’s mostly only about emptying the tank, so that you can become fish food, if that makes any sense. It doesn’t make sense, not any part of it. This is the world we have to live in, whether we engage in these things or not. It’s easier for the moment, for those with that slice of hog nostril pizza, dripping from their hand. Hmmm, are the hog nostrils running? Did they catch a cold from all those hormones (grin)? It’s not so easy for us who are seeking to just pass through and avoid that hog nostril pizza. We can get pretty intimidated by the sheer weight of the numbers of those, being led around by the nose, by the message of the choir, singing in the dragon’s mouth.
The thing to ask yourself, the most important question you can ask yourself is; what am I doing at the moment? How have I been spending my time? How do I intend to spend my time, especially if I’ve been doing some version of the horizontal hula, followed by artery clogging comestibles of a low order? That’s also what this protracted period of time is about; second chances that can result in expedited turn arounds, where you can Fed Ex your Karma in another direction. You’ve heard the phrase, “as above, so below”, I’m assuming. What that means is… well, let me give you an example. I could give you living, breathing, walking around examples but let’s just take a short excursion to the land of analogy.
Let’s say you work on Wall Street, for a bank, or for a major corporation. You’ve gone up the ladder, like some of the living, breathing, walking around examples have gone up another ladder. As you progress, you get more and more pieces of the pie and all of that is based on the results of your efforts, dedicated to the profit of your Wall Street employer, the bank, or the corporation for whom you work. You get a certain level of health care. You get a car. You might get a house. You get paid vacations and perks associated with that vacation. You get membership in certain clubs. You get bonuses and you get promises. You definitely get promises and… given the company you keep, you get a philosophy and an argument for all the things you do and many of them are backed up by more than the status quo. These days they are backed up by laws, brought into action by politicians, bought and paid for, for that very purpose. It sounds like a sweet arrangement. You could see how a lot of people might go for it.
Those of us working for the other side (metaphorically speaking, since there’s one force in charge of everything, at some level of the process) often have some difficulty in seeing the perks and the bonuses, if you’ve only come so far up the ladder. Well, that all has to do with the level of commitment, which is best exemplified in a saloon door, meaning it swings both ways. Things change if we do and they improve accordingly, as we do. If we’re not seeing the things we think we ought to be seeing, then there’s something wrong with our performance, or the way we see things. We need to up our game and clarify our perceptions. There are all kinds of people working on Wall Street, for the banks and the corporations who are not upwardly mobile (reverse metaphorically speaking) and who are not getting the perks. They’re not successfully interpreting the song that the choir is singing, from between the dragon’s teeth. That’s also happening on both sides of the fence. The first thing anyone should ask themselves when things aren’t going the way they want them to, as fast as they want them to, or as dramatically as they want them to is; what am I not doing, or doing wrong?
We project the causes of our misfortune outward from ourselves. We are always seeking the source of our discontent, in the people and activities taking place outside of us. This is the primary weapon of the corruption choir; divide and conquer. They control the revolving, rotating finger that points to the enemy straw man of the moment. They were all those extras acting in “The Man who would Be King”, everyone was always pointing upstream to the next village, which they insisted was pissing in the stream that ran from the mountains down through every village. That’s what we have going on these days. The corruption choir is singing about this kind of thing all day long, because they make their money off of the product of collective human belief, in what is not real. Their power comes out of their capacity to convince people that up is down and back is really forth.
The scheme is simple. The dynamics are unchanging but… it’s like a three card Monte Game. The game is always rigged and operated by quick handed, legerdemain artists, yet the suckers return over and over again. How is this possible? How is it possible that people are sucked in again and again? Glamor is the culprit. The endless changing fascination, in the same thing, repackaged and made brand new. It’s the real thing, only different. It’s new and improved. It’s sculptured, shrink-wrapped manure, formed and reformed into every possible permutation and all of it, is for the purpose of endless distraction, whose primary purpose is to take your attention off of your most important concern. What might that be? That’s what you’re here to figure out. It would spoil all the fun of discovery and it might not even take in the first place, if I were to say anything. In many cases, it hasn’t so far. That’s another mystery and made all the more intriguing by the passage of time, which keeps marking critical points of passage and keeps accounting for personal placement, as time runs out.
These things have been said over and over by any number of people. They’ve been said in every generation. They’ve been said better and they’ve been said simpler and they have definitely been said with less humor and literary embellishments. Neither of these are necessary to the point but individual style is all part of the program (grin). The good news is that this can be heard from other faucets in the cosmic plumbing apparatus and a diligent search will surely provide fruit. On this side of the fence we like to promote the competition because we don’t see it as competition. That puts us a step up on the competition. You’ve already been notified of the names of many of the principals alluded to just now, so we don’t feel the need to list them again, especially not here, at the end of whatever this particular entry is supposed to be.
I’ve been wrong so many times, about the timing of seemingly guaranteed events and I believe I delineated the reasons for that previously but didn’t associate them with my own failure at being Nostrildamus. I’m not going to go out on any kind of limb again at the moment, especially since I don’t have a saw in my hands. It does feel tense though, depending on what you consider to be safe harbor and whatever distance may exist between you and it, given that you don’t carry it around with you.
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