Yes, the Money Power is Jewish

Anthony Migchels – Real Currencies April 3, 2012

Every researcher, author and reformer concerned with the monetary is confronted with the politically incorrect fact that the Money Power is Jewish. Should we circumvent the issue to avoid scaring people away from the all important monetary issue?
Probably not. Let’s stay as close to truth as possible. It ultimately brings the greatest chance of success.

Keith Gardner of the highly informative Liberty Revival Blog recently penned a short and forceful article titled ‘Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech‘. In it he basically states his position on ‘antisemitism’: the notion that the world is ruled by Jewish people. Gardner says for him this ‘antisemitism’ is unacceptable and unnecessary, even damaging to monetary reform.

Since I’m quite certain he had me amongst others in mind when writing the article and since he actually touches upon an important subject, I’ll respond to this. I know Gardner respects Real Currencies, but he does not want to associate himself with the rather direct approach. I have absolutely no problems with his statement, understand where he is coming from and continue to appreciate his powerful work.

I would like to suggest that Gardner is struggling with the issue himself. Of course it is not wise to speculate on the intentions or inner feelings of others, but in this case I fear not doing so because I’ve struggled with the same thing for ever. Henry Makow also needed years to admit the Illuminati are basically Jewish Supremacism, co-opting gentile competitors for World Power through Freemasonry and intermarriage. Just read his pre 2008, 2009 work, you’ll see he named the conspiracy in just about every way possible, before eventually settling for the ‘Illuminati Jews’ mode.

Gardner even goes as far to say he won’t allow ‘antisemitic’ comments on his site. That’s his good right of course, but his original position seemed more logical to me: just state you don’t agree, but allow ‘antisemitic’ comments. In this way he would not alienate people who would greatly benefit from his thinking, but who have advanced beyond the basic political correct mind control.

Gardner is aware of Jewish over-representation within what he calls the New World Order, but he’s concerned about two things:
1. Does naming them by their real name actually help monetary reform, or does it damage the cause because it scares of people not ready to face these issues yet?
2. The problem that far from all Jews are involved and that naming them ‘the Jews’ does injustice to those not part of the plan.

To begin with point 2: it’s not very complicated.
When we see a few hundred thousand American soldiers, under the orders of the US Federal Government invade some tiny country in the Middle East, we say:  America, or Americans have invaded this or that place. Do we blame all Americans? No.

Are all Americans partly responsible? If you look closely, you’ll find that 99% or more of Americans are in some way partly responsible for the invasion, even though it would be close to impossible to disentangle themselves from this responsibility. The problem is: we are highly connected and karmically linked to our nation.

So if we have a massive credit crunch and most of the main players are Jewish, is it strange or ‘antisemitic’ to say so? Clearly not. Do we blame all Jews by doing so? Clearly not. But a close look will show that many Jews are in some way in support of the Money Power: through the ‘schule’, the many Zionist organizations or other Jewish groups. Jews cling to the Money Power because they were heavily brainwashed to fear ‘antisemitism.

Should we allow the Jews a special treatment in avoiding naming their ethnic background when they commit heinous crimes? I don’t see why.

And then the other problem, scaring away the hapless masses when discussing these things. Well, there is a case to be made that some outlets should provide less confrontational material. A gatekeeper like Alex Jones is actually helpful in that respect.

But I write for the initiated, that’s a choice I’ve made when starting this blog. I assume my readers are at least fairly well versed in the ways of the world. Makow tries to reach more people, but the point is: with his level of reporting it is impossible to reach more than the best and brightest individual thinkers out there. People just can’t stomach it until they’re ready themselves.

Another issue is credibility: we may reach the masses, but Alex Jones himself is widely criticized for avoiding the Jewish Question by people who have quit considering the New York Times as a serious outlet.

Another issue is that when more voices break through the Political Correct blanket covering our eyes, it becomes progressively easier for the next to do so too. The peer pressure to support the status quo lessens and a little less isolation is threatened for the brave soul crossing the divide.

By not speaking out, we help contain the masses from the truth. We basically let down our brethren at the forefront of the struggle who do speak out.


It’s difficult to say what’s best. I understand Gardner’s position and suspect he is still struggling with the conflicting data.

Interestingly, Makow just published an excellent article showing how the Jewish Question was a normal topic in the 1920′s. Churchill, for instance, wrote a famous article called ‘Zionism vs Bolshevism’, explaining the Jewish ‘conspiracy’. It was posted on the front page of a leading outlet in 1920.

The Second World War ended this. Just like with Interest Free Currency, ‘antisemitism’ was badly damaged through guilt by association. To me it is obvious that this was a crucial part of the Money Power’s calculations in instigating the war.

It seems likely they rest assured the Jewish Question as a political theme will be put to rest again after the next.

Perhaps this is the most pressing reason to stop ignoring the truth that the Money Power is Jewish.

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