Thomas Aquinas, Sigmund Freud and Rheumatoid Arthritis Syndrome

Visible Origami – April 3, 2012

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(If you are one of the people who has sent me emails in the last few days and haven’t gotten an answer, it is because about ten times the usual volume has shown up and time constraints have made it difficult to respond as yet. I will)
Well, well, here we are at Origami again; folding spindling and mutilating the pristine, into content and form. Paper airplanes are a form of Origami, so we can imagine them flying about in mental space. That’s where this whole scenario takes places, except when it dips below that radar and shows up on the emotional plane radar. Materialists will tell you it all take place in your head anyway and scientists like to tell us that the mind is the seat of the emotions. I tend to think that that is where the particular product of the moment gets registered and labeled but… it isn’t felt there. However, most people can never grasp that they are seeing everything inside their heads and that the way it’s all put together just makes it look like it’s out there. This is just one of the examples that tells us that inner control and the control of one’s self is the key to the control of everything that seems external to us. The Strength card gives a good pictorial idea of how this is accomplished. Of course you need what The Chariot indicates first; ‘triumph in the mind’.
One of the things that amuses me is when I get an email from someone who wants to let me know that they’re only on the same page with me now and then, or wants to let me know that I’m only partially informed about something (as if I have ever indicated otherwise) and then proceeds to tell me in exhausting detail how it really is, without countering or refuting anything I said in the first place; sometimes no mention is even made of anything I said about anything, just that I’m wrong and here’s how it really is. I generally don’t get through it all because at a certain point all I see are a lot of terms flying around with nowhere to land and without landing gear in the first place.
Anyone who has all the answers is wrong, especially anyone who is absolutely certain and even more so when they try to engage complex language that has the same comparative effect on my digestive system as overcooked linguine. I’ve waxed complex on occasion but I generally like things as simple as possible. I remember a long time ago, when I had all the makings of a professional pseudo-intellectual and had read too many western writers; I remember how grateful I was when it all got reduced to a very simple construct. Of course, there were and are complexities to be had. There always will be but one’s personal state in relation to them should not be. Most of these things, like the systems in our body or the intricate technical workings of complex machinery, go about their business without needing us on the inside, micromanaging everything like one of those control freaks that all of us run into these days. If you don’t run into that, you run into the earbud addicts who are terrified that the real world will intrude on them. The same thing goes on with people who eat too much or get too hooked on anything where it becomes the foundation of their lifestyle and everything else has to accommodate to it.
One of the things I frequently notice about people is how completely meditation would clear up all of the problems they think they have. This is another one of those things that happens automatically. You don’t need to mess with the details or play with the levers. You simply move through stages of consciousness and the stages of consciousness adjust every factor in your existence, automatically as you go. Many people think that meditation is something you do. It’s actually something that gets done while you’re there. Sure, there are a lot of practices that fall under this heading and they differ from each other in respect of contents and practice but I’m talking about simple meditation, with a single focus combined with essential willingness. I’m not going to get into a descriptive or definitive thing about it. I just mention it in passing and like anything else, it’s something you can figure out on your own. If you know how to pray, you know how to meditate, more or less. There’s no single right or wrong way. We’re different from each other in terms of what is most effective for us individually. We’re on different rays. We’re headed to different heavens and different hells and different transitionary locations. We live different lives, with different attractions and different lessons, even if we all go through the same things and are all one. That’s a catchall that involves a massive and incomprehensible stretch of time and circumstance.
People, well, some people anyway, presume that they have a soul and they may well possess one. I’m not sure that everyone has one. Everyone here is not human, however they may appear to be. The soul is alone. It communicates with the divine. I don’t know about the concept of soul mates. Generally, I tend to believe that there is some truth to most everything, just as I believe that not all of it is relevant to me. I know we get a lot of resonance here and simpatico seems to simply drip down the walls but that is a matter of like attracting like. There is a wide body of otherwise out there, with entirely different game plans. That shouldn’t be a matter of concern. Every ray contains everything needed for anyone on that ray and all rays eventually go back through the prism into the white light where difference and disparity end. That is not to say that you are not still individualized. There is an inexplicable and indefinable mystery that attends this. Unique and individual, is an essential part of the whole program but not in the way most people might tend to view it.
One of the key assets to be acquired by anyone on their passage ‘through’ here is to be able to recognize who you have affinity and business with and who you don’t. Some people are meant to be bypassed entirely. We don’t have to be understood and accepted by everyone and we never will be. Even the gods have their differences and vive la difference because that is also essential to everything. God loves drama; I’m speaking of The One here; of course they all do and the key to that is to understand what drama actually indicates. Think of it as the playing out of events and characters according to a plot that is adapted and updated in every moment. I’m using drama in the comprehensive sense, not in terms of the specificity it is often used in. God in apartness is the consummate voyeur. Of course, the divine is seeking us at all times, in his cosmic game of hide and seek. He’s yearning for the opportunity to wake up inside of any of us. That last sentence has to be understood in it’s esoteric meaning. I am sure many people can take me to task over the use of any and every word in that sentence but that’s just semantics. The problem of semantics is something I try to take into consideration with everything I read and hear. It’s a question of whether you actually want to understand what someone is saying, or whether you want to argue with them; the latter is the case, far too often around this planet.
We live in combative and contentious times. We’ve got an extremely large collection of experts and dilettantes who are often both. Pontificating has reached the same epidemic level as texting. I’ve never texted anyone, nor would I go anywhere near Twitter, or even read anything said there. I’m not suggesting that everyone ever engaged in either of these is aberrant or wrong, I’m just saying it’s not for me. My messages build up at Facebook. I seldom check them. It’s accidental really. It just doesn’t occur to me. I don’t do PM’s and I try to keep Skype closed. I seldom use the phone. I have a cellphone I bought for my trip and it has yet to get a sim card. I don’t go to restaurants or night clubs. I don’t talk to people very often and none of this has anything to do with much, except to say that that is where my life has taken me. I’m really bringing all of this up because I think it’s important for people to realize that, quite possibly, the majority of what is going on in this world may have nothing valuable to do with you.
People live with unnecessary concerns. They obsess about why they can’t get along with certain people. They guilt trip themselves about things that happened. They scheme and plot for the acquisition of items, fatal to their health and well being. They go around in fear of the unknown and confusion about the known. They desperately want things to make sense and often they do not. You may never get an explanation for a lot of things. People desire things that trap them, thinking some measure of security will come out of them. They want meaning, without realizing that so many of the things they have and want are responsible for their inability to find meaning. They’re afraid to admit to themselves that most of what is forced down their throats, by politically correct agents of the infernal throne, aren’t okay, in their extreme presentation, and never have been. People go in horror of taking unpopular stands. Well, the truth is, you don’t have to take a stand about anything. You just have to recognize what common sense should tell you and you can keep your peace about any and all of it; should you choose to. There’s no real point to playing Don Quixote, unless the cosmos wants to demonstrate something through you and there’s no telling what that might be. It might be flat out positive.
We don’t have to get along with everyone else. We only have to get along with ourselves. If we can do that the rest of it will sort itself out. Most people don’t know why they’re here and know even less about why everyone else is here. Most disease and death is the result of stress. The rest can be chalked up to bad judgment and a couple of other things. Stress and fear are a tandem. People want to feel important and needed. They want to feel valued, yet they don’t take the trouble to make the acquaintance of the one who confers all of this in the best possible way. “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all of these things will be added unto you”. That covers every surface, no matter how exhaustive, byzantine and complex it may appear or be presented as; no matter how semantically convoluted it comes across. You can ignore the entire Thomas Aquinas, Sigmund Freud, Rheumatoid Arthritis Syndrome and just head on to Peaceful Valley or Cold Mountain, without all those angels dancing on the head of a pin; just my two cents for what it’s worth.
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