Voice of the White House May 15, 2006

“The very private high-level GOP polls show that the President’s approval rating has, as of May 15th, 2006, sunk to 29% and public approval for Republican Congressional incumbents has fallen to 32%! Can this be blamed on the universal NSA phone surveillance, approved by Bush and recently revealed in all its glory? No, the polls say that this descent into blessed darkness is due to an accumulation of things:

· the outrageous and very obvious vote stealing by the Bush people in Florida in 2000,

· the deliberate WMD (and other very serious) lies,

· the official torture policies both in Iraqi concentration camps and in the CIA’s exporting of hapless victims to foreign countries to be tortured,

· the perceived utter corruption on the part of Republicans at top levels to include White House staffers, senior CIA officials and Republican members of Congress,

· Bush’s utter lack of perceived concern for the Katrina disaster,

· the endless and mindless war in Iraq,

· the rapidly escalating gasoline prices,

· the massive and incredible Halliburton ongoing scandals,

· the lunatic arrogance of both Cheney and Rumsfeld and their utter contempt for the opinions of the American public,

· constant threats to invade Iran, regardless of the havoc it would wreak on oil prices, the American military and the American public,

· a total lack of timely or effective response to the illegal Mexican immigration and the physical threats to the structure of government by millions of felonious illegal aliens, and about which Bush has clearly proven himself to be totally incapable of doing anything,

· contempt for, and suspicion of, the growing and potentially dangerous shift in attitudes of the American public for Bush’s utter disregard for the laws he is legally pledged to uphold.,

· the Bush Administration’s slavish obedience to the wishes of the state of Israel, even if those wishes are clearly not in this country’s interests..

Top Democrats I have spoken with suffer from mixed emotions. They are elated that the Republicans have pissed in their shoes but appalled at the terrible economic and social damage their opponents have wreaked on their country. One Democrat said to me today that, ‘It will take a decade to reverse the damage that these people have done. They have so polarized the American people that it will take forever to restore confidence in any form of government, be it under Democratic or Republican control….No more wars for religion…’

Remember these issues in November.”

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