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Smoking Mirrors – April 1, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet and willing.
This has been a period of time, for me that has been pretty out there, or in there actually with ‘out there’ going along with the program. Much of it is personal, ‘eyes only’ stuff, like an email I was just writing to a fellow named Steven, where I looked at the clock and it said 10:46 AM, later I noticed it said the same thing. I thought, “Huh? The clock stopped”. I went to the clock location and saw the second hand moving and now it reads 11:02… there were several minutes, I think, where it said 10:56. Just now, when I was making the italics in this post, for some reason, I already knew what was coming, but guessed wrong. Instead of continuing in italics, it went back to straight type (that is not a PC reference). Earlier, I had an experience with one of the dogs that can only be called supernatural. It will take me too long to describe it at the moment but I will at some point; probably in Origami, so I can pass Michael’s filter (grin). I know he’ll read that and I hope he grins too.
Ever since I sat down, in this present incarnation, at the keyboard, I’ve been hyper alert, in a way that has not happened before; also too involved to describe and something that has to play out for anything to be said about it. Either the cosmos is ‘on the move’, or it has simply intensified its operations. Either is cool with me. Bring it on, in all the good ways. I got a letter from a reader today who outlined a program that is supposed to take place this month (today is April Fools Day) but this did not seem like a joke ‘to me’). He says that the military and a host of law enforcement, are going to begin massive arrests of the real malefactors and everything will shut down for at least 3 days. He made some good arguments. Then I listened to a radio show sent to me by the host, “Bob in DC”. I have to admit that I don’t listen to or watch the majority of what people send me. I don’t have the time. For some reason I put his show on and listened to it all. It was about Fukushima. I don’t remember the name of his guest, in fact, I don’t even remember his name because I came into the show a few minutes late; I put it on and went down to get a cup of tea and came back into it. I can’t find it on youtube or with cursory searching so I have put it in the same online folder with the songs I uploaded yesterday; this is a very handy new tool I found and knew nothing about. It came up in an internet search trying to find one I already had but had forgotten the name of (grin), at least temporarily.
This radio show involved a whole lot of informed speculation on Fukushima. As I have stated, to a certain degree of censure and possibly lasting fallout with some people, who weren’t paying attention to the exact phrasing, after I phrased it and they read it, I don’t know about Fukushima, or Jim Stone …and which I feel badly about appearing to be adversarial toward and whom I am not adversarial toward; I don’t know him that well (grin). What I think I remember saying (grin again) was that I didn’t know enough about it to form an informed opinion but that some of what he was saying sounded outer limits. I haven’t read all of what he has had to say, so maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. It’s not the first time that possibility has presented itself to me. At the same time, I felt like taking sides on a matter and deferred to the one I considered ‘best informed’. I would certainly never have mentioned it otherwise. I will admit to a degree of internal speculation about Stuxnet and some tangential connection. This radio show that I linked connection to, in the last paragraph, dives deeply into these waters.
One thing should be patently obvious to anyone who reads here and hopefully, at least, a curiosity to others, is that there is a very serious amount of things going on behind the scenes at the upper levels of assumed temporal control. I imagine it is very tense there and the uncertainty factor very high. If there were any time to be a fly on the wall (remember, you would still be a fly and it’s no long jump from there to Meet the Feebles; absolutely outrageous if you can find it. Read the reviews, same page. It was done by Peter Jackson.) that time is now. I don’t think most people realize that their situation, quite possibly, mirrors the situation that those of us, especially in the US and UK, regarding loss of homes and jobs. I do believe theirs holds the possibility of loss of life as well and there is, no doubt, some brutal arm-twisting and threats taking place. The radio show gets into this too. Before anyone gets around to it, I’m not defending for or against the contents of this show. I linked it because it presents a whole lot of info, little of which can be proven, but all of which is interesting. Once again, I don’t know enough to form an opinion and that is something I try to enforce in myself; not to get too glad-handed with projections about things I don’t have adequate exposure to. I don’t think the reader would appreciate that in the long run. I don’t like lying and there are a lot of ways to accomplish it. I prefer to isolate the practice to something that only occurs between me and myself (grin) but I’m trying to quit. “Suppose you was to backslide on us”?
The genesis and nature of opinions is a deep and provocative thing. For some reason, people shy away from consideration of this. It can be a ‘very’ illuminating experience. The means and methods by which we form our opinions and the very idea of forming opinions can be a ‘very’ illuminating subject. ‘What’ makes, or causes us to think can be as revelatory as, “I think therefore I am”. The ‘I think’ is self defining according to the What. We are all ‘under the influence’ of something and it colors our thought and determines our conclusion. One might say it determines our conclusion, just as it determines our highway there. I think this is the key to Ramana Maharshi’s mantra, “who am I”? All of us ought to walk around Arunachala in our minds, at least once. This is a subject I would like to devote a lot more time to, because it is at the very foundation of what happens to us and it doesn’t matter whether you think there is a divine influence or you don’t believe in it at all. It’s provably true, just look around you and inside of you too. Everything you are at the moment is affected by this and it has serious future implications as well.
You would think that those presumed to be in control, especially by themselves, of the temporal end of things, would have this sort of thing uppermost in their mind. Maybe they do but it hasn’t turned out to be really bad judgment yet, even though it is assuredly pointing in that direction in the moment, for a great many of them. Another great many are filled with excessive confidence. Hell, they’ve been getting away with literal murder for so long, they truly believe it’s an infernal right. It’s certainly a rite of passage in many cases. Yes, what is critically important. It may not look like it at the moment but it will definitely come up along the way. They say that we all come to a crossroads at some point; a place where we have to make a choice, decided by the best or worst information, collected to that point. There’s all sorts of folklore associated with crossroads.
Yes, the idea that there is not much going on in the upscale temporal ranks, is not one that is widely considered. It would bring a rush of optimism to many minds if they were to consider it. Kings not only fall, they also get beheaded on occasion. It’s also far worse to go broke, once you’ve been rich than to be broke in the first place. I’m broke by any standards, at least it would appear that I am because I don’t make anywhere near what the average (according to some statistics I saw recently) American makes. Of course, I’m not the average American but the average American would definitely consider me seriously broke. Ironically, I do not. I consider myself exceedingly rich and I might even find that happening in the ‘unreal world’. Once again, it comes back to What. You can, of course, substitute, Who, but I’m trying to stay non sectarian. What’s not on second.
These schemers, connivers and flat out psychopaths, which include any number of deluded and propped up, turtle’s on a fencepost, with The Peter Principle, as a seat cushion, are experiencing recurrent Pepto Bismol moments. A lot of them drink too much because just as this world wide, epidemic tragedy is their perfect tool for instilling Judeo/Christian guilt and Muslim guilt and probably guilt of all kinds of stripes, along with powerful attendant emotions, like fear, it is also an asset/liability to those in high places because it is a font of inspiration for low behavior and works remarkable well with hubris and other attendant emotions on the way to whatever train wreck they have a ticket for. A lot of them are sexually profligate because it is one of the perks of the position, or at least it seemed to be for Strauss-Khan. I’m not going to get on people’s cases for hyphenated last names or names that start with a first initial, that’s not my job here today and probably won’t be next week either. Why do I bring it up, I don’t know (grin).
Well, it’s time for the saucer pod to head off into the woods, as the temporal clowns under the various big tops, try to ready themselves for the main act, scheduled to begin soon, if it hasn’t begun already, since we out here, on the other side of the velvet ropes, only find out about it later on. Yes, I would say the crowns of position, power and influence, presently rest on uneasy heads, or zeppelin heads, who are bouncing off of their respective ceilings, like one of those noxious Mylar balloons, with dumb messages or good messages, reduced to meaninglessness due to the conveyance. Little do they know that the same fate which awaits the balloons awaits them, which is why I seriously recommend they pull over to the curb and let some of the air out of their heads. They say April is the cruelest month. At least T.S. Eliot said so. We’ll see about that.
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