Is Maxwell Still Alive? Part III

I finally asked him if he was certain that Maxwell is not buried in Israel?

“Am I certain that isn’t Bob on the Mount of Olives? No. You’re surprised? Of course, I’m not certain. No ones dead in my business until you’ve seen the corpse and done your own checks.

“Maybe the double-cross worked differently. Maybe Robin was getting more money from another client than he was from Maxwell. Maybe they did a switch and killed the old man. Maybe this last scam didn’t work.

“You may think my version is a bit melodramatic. Alright, but I deal in the real world. It’s normal. Big business has more dealings with people like Robin and me than you would ever guess. Ask the oil companies. Now they’re serious clients.

“And if you think I’m trying to sell you a cock and bull story, what do you think the official line is?

“Why am I telling you all this? Let me explain. I’m a lawyer by training. I was sort of a policeman for a decade. And then I became a mercenary. I don’t believe in the goodness of governments, bankers, businessmen lawyers, accountants or any of the other people who run this world.

“I came to realize they worship only money and power, and I decided to join them. My skills are as a fixer.

“I don’t care which investors, banks, insurance companies, competitors are going to suffer – they’re in the same business.

“But pensioners, that’s a different story. When we all found out that Maxwell had taken half a billion from pensioners’ funds, I started asking questions. They don’t deserve to suffer.

“Maybe, just maybe, if enough questions were raised, the Maxwell case could still be reopened by Interpol. Maybe they can find the bastard, and maybe they can get some of the money back. A man like that would have salted away $100 million away ready for his disappearance.

“The first place they could start is on the Mount of Olives. Get the Israelis to dig up the body. There’s one thing they could check right away. It wasn’t mentioned in any autopsy report, but I’m told that Maxwell was worried about his growing weight and had one of those stomach staples to limit the amount of food he could physically take. Now if that’s true, it should still be in him. Why wasn’t it mentioned in the autopsy? Because maybe it wasn’t Maxwell.

“You remember the description of the body by the doctors? ‘Athletic build with prominent belly, chestnut hair – possibly died – with a slight widow’s peak.’ Does that sound like Maxwell?

“Well, that’s it. If I hear anymore, I’ll let you know. Good luck.”

First published in Compass magazine