The Music of My Spheres and the End of Fear

Visible Origami – March 31, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Greetings, friends and those otherwise defined. I spend a lot of time in the saucer pod. My belief is that mental states translate into actual realities, sooner or later and that means anything and everything. I intend to be in my own saucer pod sooner or later, for real.
Today I would like to speak to those who have appreciated what I’ve done at the command and control of the one who operates me. I’d like to say that although I appreciate the good things so many of you have said to me and don’t mind the bad things either, given the tone and lack of content and discretion with which they are presented sometimes (grin), neither makes a great deal of difference to me because there is only one opinion that carries any weight with me. It’s the only opinion that matters, ever.
I’ve sought God with lesser and greater degrees of intensity for all of my life and lately, in the last decade, it has been very intense. When I was in Italy, it nearly consumed me entirely. At one point I was told that I had spent the last three hundred lifetimes concerned with Lady Nature and devoted to restoring something to her that has been taken away long ago. I was told that a very long time ago, after seeking her for a great while, she had taken me into her secret bowers and we had engaged in a communion beyond thought and words. I don’t know the truth of this, or whether there were actually fewer lifetimes so employed. It seems like such an incredible length of time, so I can’t take it seriously, given what I have seen of my instability, in respect of the manifest world. It might be though that that instability has nothing to do with Lady Nature and everything to do with the manner in which her nature has been perverted, for the benefit of a large collections of wastrels, caught up in material nature who worship at the altar of malls and shit heaps of glittering dust. Here is something I wrote for her called Prevail and I will include some number of these as I go today. I apologize for my musical shortcomings but it’s the thought that counts and these tend to showcase my motivations.
I realize how strange I appear to many readers; hearing voices, having the perspectives that I do, being aggressively demonstrative about governments and individuals, as well as established religions. I consider all of these, so mentioned, as part of the infrastructure of the shitheap- the contemporary landfill of twisted material culture. I consider the behavior of politicians, on the one hand and priests on the other, as being emblematic of what these systems contain. I realize that my view on Alex Jones, Noam Chomsky and sundry annoy, alienate and disenfranchise certain people but my views on these people are the result of exposure, I would say over exposure to them and I am not likely to change my mind. I am not willing to grant latitude to people just because they say some things that wake people up to some degree, because the other things they say put people right back to sleep. They are gatekeepers and disinfo traffic cops, that wave people through to a damaged bridge, that doesn’t go anywhere useful in the first place. Many of these people are Tribe members and there is no more toxic group on the planet besides them and their Shabbat Goy tools and stooges. Every reader knows that I do not include all members of the Jewish collective in my judgments. I admire many members of that collective. I appreciate Steven Lendman and I don’t even know his position on Israel doing 9/11 and that is a major litmus test for me. I admire Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen for their angelic channeling and I don’t know what they know and say and don’t say on the matter. There are others.
I love The Lady as much as my master. All of my love songs are about her and not about any particular woman, although all of them are reflections of her. Here is another song I wrote for her, Every Fairytale. She dominates my thoughts, when my master doesn’t. She made the channel through which my master gives me the words I say. Here is another song she inspired in me, It Must be Love and this one too, Build me a Castle.; Why am I putting all of these tunes up today inside a post? Most people won’t listen to them but some will and they will know that the only thing true and real about me is contained in my efforts to make a particular message clear, in every effort I lend to my poor artistic attempts to celebrate the one who has gone through the trouble to put me in the frame of heart and mind that nothing else is important to me. It doesn’t matter how ineffectual my efforts are, god sees and she sees and they are both the same, simply differently aspected. She sees and she knows, Right Thru My Heart.
I argue with people here sometimes and sometimes I’m not impressed by where they are coming from but soon realize that my perspective is limited and I won’t actually know where anyone is coming from, until I can see all the ways back down the mountain. I feel so separate sometimes, from the only company that has any lasting value to me. I Am so disappointed in myself sometimes, for not living up to what I believe I should be able to, but I also realize that my shortcomings and failures were placed there to make me feel this way and to try harder, or not try so much… but simply, finally let go and stop having the idea that I operate the machinery.
I’ve had my heart broken so many times I cannot remember them. I have failed so many times through inconsistent efforts and a lack of persistence and determination. I recognize that this is a lesson to others, just as it is a relentless motivation, to allow nothing to come between me and the object of my pursuit and my work reminds me in things like this, And Then you Let Go.
I’ve studied my life and what has happened in it and where it has placed me of the moment. I’ve seen every single effort come to naught in terms of a wider reach. I’ve been engaged with very well known artists who wanted to record my work and someone else got in the way; very often members of the Tribe. The one time I had my work released all over the world, the Tribe member producer, destroyed the recordings and made them incomprehensible and then released them, ignoring the DAT masters; one Bernard Stollman of ESPDisk, associated with CBS/Sony and Rounder Records. He said it made it sound more authentic (grin). I’ve stayed too long in certain places trying to connect with people like Willie Nelson, only to find incomprehensible forces intrude. My written works came up against similar obstacles. In many cases, those impressed enough to release or publish my work died. I started to think I was some kind of Jonah; would this next person die because they wanted to help me? That has faded away now and the internet has given me exposure that indicates some usefulness on my part. All I ever wanted was to be useful.
My childhood was a nightmare. I’ve shied away from sharing conditions and events that illustrate just how really bad it was. Much later, my invisible friends told me they had put me through all of it to bring me to a certain point of awareness and then asked me if I minded now. I said “no”, with real and unqualified conviction. I was asked if I felt it was worth it and I said, “Yes”. For many years when I heard the voice it was critical, or I didn’t hear it but felt negativity toward myself. How I kept on keeping on, I will never know. These days the voices tell me incredible things, things I won’t repeat because they are so fine, so promising and supportive. A lot of it sounds very unrealistic but I am told I will see soon enough and then I can consider whether I wish to doubt what I right in front of my eyes.
I used to alternatively weep and rage against my sense of separation from the one I would sport and cavort with in psychedelic transport. I would be there in the joy of all things celestial and then I would be back here… here. Of course, ‘here’ is a projection based on my incomplete perception of what is. That perception continues to change, as do I. When I was a child I would crawl under my bed and tear my arms bloody with my nails and curse my miserable fate. That’s all behind me now. That’s all changed. When I was a child I would have terrible fears and nightmares about werewolves and vampires. I was terrified of monsters and afraid of everyone else as well. That has changed too. I have no fear of any of these things now. I’ve seen terrible things that would drive someone who was not already mad, and I certainly was, insane. I can look on these things now with no concern. If anything they are my protectors now and they’re not shy about it, as has been demonstrated a time or two.
I was in prison for several years and places where the criminally insane were confined and these were truly dangerous places. Bad things happened to people there all the time. Nothing ever happened to me. I discuss some of these things in my recent radio show with Robert Phoenix. If you want, you can listen to the first hour with Robert and his astrology or you can let it load and then skip ahead. The recording wasn’t all that great so, toward the end, I sound like Tom Waits with a head cold but you can at least understand what I’m saying. I left out all kinds of things but you can use your imagination.
Here’s another tune I wrote for the lady, Persephone and the tune at the end, after the phrase End Transmission is also about her. I’ve added a few more tunes about her to the folder and a few about my master. I hope I haven’t succeeded in boring you or putting you off too much by my lack of musical acumen or capacity, I only want you to get the message and hope you do. My love to all of you and the one who has made me possible also wishes you the same. My apologies to those of you I have reacted to. I hope you can understand why I might be less than accepting of some things and why my not saying the things I did say would feel like cowardice to me. The Anti-Guru Software is always active here, just so you know.
End Transmission……..


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