The Soft Stool Brigade on Batshit Mountain

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 30, 2012

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May your noses always be upwind from Batshit Mountain.
It’s a poorly written article and dripping with oblique agenda and the rectitude of a wide, politically correct embrace. It also doesn’t mention a thing about supporting terrible wars, or a number of other things. This is typical of something from Salon and reflects who owns it and uses it for the usual purposes. I put it up for my own reasons, none of which has to do with who reprinted it. The point will emerge. One thing I hope you’ll notice is the first face in the series of Christian leaders. It just happens to be Alex Jones, unless he has a twin brother. Except for Tim Hagee and Pat Robertson, it also leaves out most of the cutting edge hypocrites and demagogues.
A member of Obama’s cabinet was sentenced for his crimes yesterday. He didn’t get much of a body count, compared to his fellows, but maybe it’s a a start. I’m thinking he had a moveable ‘information extraction’ vehicle, taking the pulse of America’s hitchhikers until there was no pulse. No doubt he was an employee of Homeland Security.
I’ve mentioned The Apocalypse many times over recent years. I’ve said that the suffocating, ‘all lies all the time’ media would soon be forced to publish information about people, conditions and events that are diametrically opposed to their agenda. They might not want to do it but they will do it. They might not know why but they will do it. People are going to start incriminating themselves and others, they may not want to do it but they will. This is the force of The Apocalypse.
Here is an example. It was only a headline for a few hours, if that. Now it’s buried in the small print menu, still… there’s a lot of this going around, this est culpa, mea culpa flu. Instead of a runny nose, you get a runny mouth and instead of your bones aching, your conscience does, in those cases where one is resident. Otherwise the condition blind sides you.
Along with more and more inadvertent and irrepressible exposure, the transparent bullshit manufacture will intensify. This is one area where the manufacturing infrastructure did not get outsourced and off shored. I’m pointing this out because I and others have been predicting the arrival of things going haywire for the bad guys; evil destroys itself. This is meant to give you a sense of optimism about things to come and maybe spur a little industry toward meeting the challenges on a personal level.
I’d appreciate it if someone in any of the relevant areas would acquire a ticket in my name. I think it’s time to see how Visible does as a member of the 1%. Of course, we will split the proceeds after expenses (grin).
Along with the unfortunate (for them) revelations of malfeasance on the parts of The Soft Stool Brigade, there comes the daily outworking of excrement in action on the part of troglodyte underlings. This has now reached epidemic proportions, that range from porn to baggage theft and domestic violence to child molestation; not to mention recurrent and ongoing offensive behavior that repeatedly backfires in mastectomy fondling, geriatric and kiddie frottage, as well as burst colostomy and urine collection bags. My theory is that there is an intense familial connection between the TSA workers and the contents of these bags. It’s some kind of ancestor worship or reunion communion.
All over the world, along with the viral spread of the Occupy Movement, unrest is coming to a boil, as in Greece, so it goes elsewhere. If Spring is bringing this, imagine what the warmer months will generate. This is going to amplify and intensify in the lands where personal freedom of all types used to appear to exist. It’s why they put all those police and repressive laws in place. Like I said, they have known about the approach of The Apocalypse, but if they understood anything about The Apocalypse, they wouldn’t have gotten up to what they got up to in the first place. The World Wide March on Jerusalem is coming and someone is ratcheting up the race war blueprint, in the former land of the free. This is also going to bite them in the ass.
Crazy rich people are camping out on Batshit Mountain, like Bill Gates with Monsanto. Along with 50% ownership of a cloaca maximus media, sewer pipe, he’s doing the occasional dingbat dumbshit, which is really all about his heavy investments in toxic vaccines. Yeah Bill, “not only poor people should experience this”. Hang in there partner because, ♫Your day is gonna come♫ Bill’s got some kind of bad Zen meditation going on at his Batshit Mountain retreat. Him and Little Georgie Sorrows, (irony alert!) are doing their unlevel best to make the world a more fearful and uncertain place. There’s all that phony prestige, working for pervasive democracy, while creating the opposite and… there’s got to be money in it, the same way there’s money in the global warming scam, which isn’t working out like Mr. Gored on his own petard originally hoped it would. Of course, our favorite wooden soldier, Big Al, has always done his part to put his money and lifestyle where his mouth is. The usual weasel shit from places like Snopes and elsewhere attends this revelation, like there’s some big difference between 20 times and 12 times and that ‘changes have been made’. We’re entertained by the anecdotal comparisons between Gore and Bush but, then again, Gore didn’t kill nearly as many people as Bush; not yet anyway.
I want what you’ve seen so far, which is only a small portion of what is there to be seen, to be a convincing argument for the fact that The Apocalypse is operating exactly as some of us said he would. I want you to entertain the idea that Mr. Apocalypse is your friend. We need a poster like the ones that used to go around, where you see a cop stooping to help a kid, with the caption “some call him pig” above or below and which is usually about stooping to conquer as opposed to stooping to help. Our poster should show Mr. Apocalypse waving his walking stick with the caption, “Mr Apocalypse needs you”. Or we could have one with a kid and a dog and possibly grandma, with the caption reading, “Mr Apocalypse, restoring decency and the rule of the law the old fashioned way”. Mr. Apocalypse can be seen standing in front of the kid, the dog and grandma and wailing on a congressman with his cane.
We need an international organization like the Friends of Mr. Apocalypse. You could have another poster with Madeline Albright (separated at birth from Little Georgie Sorrows; just look at photos of them alongside each other), or Hillary Clinton, having their skirts pulled up by Mr. Apocalypse’s walking stick with the caption, “Mr Apocalypse goes where no man wants to go and we’re going with him. We love you that much. We love you long time”! Just remember not to lift Madeline’s skirt from the rear; then again, 500,000 dead children was worth it. Remember, you don’t have to be a Tribe member to do these things, though it does help in the aftermath, with all the assets of media control. Hillary and others are members of the club. You might think of them as honorary members. Some of them do these things because they have acquired a taste for it, some of them do it for personal gain and some of them do it because of blackmail. Whenever you see world leaders and any influential types, pushing horrific agendas that nothing human could countenance, remember, there’s a good reason, even if you don’t know what it is.
Think about it, these psychopaths murder hundreds of thousands, millions… and they don’t bat an eye. In most cases they do it simply to advance business interests. These lives are nothing more than numbers on documents. Far more people have been killed by the sweep of a fountain pen than by any other instrument on Earth. Reasonable men and women in suits, have lunch and talk about world hunger, while discussing how best to apply it. They have lunch and discuss the destruction of countries and their inhabitants, because these countries possess resources that they want. They do this, without a flicker of concern, for the outcome of their efforts in making these things happen. They move right on to the next thing. They blind people in Bhopal. They poison the residents of The Gulf of Mexico. They spread depleted uranium, like hellish fertilizer, across vast landscapes and then wait for the fruits of their industry to sprout in terrible and lasting ways. They do these things. The Rothschild, Warburg and Schiff bankers do these things. The politicians, judges and lawyers do these things. The corporations that own them and the banks that own the corporations, do these things. They take money that doesn’t even exist and they loan it to you at interest, to create and maintain a culture of endless debt. They wake up in the morning and think about who they can harm. They no doubt compete with their fellows for body counts. Like that Rothschild mommy said, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. Think of it? Imagine the mind that can contemplate such things and carry them out. There is nothing human about these people.
The long awaited time of cosmic justice is on the doorstep. Mr Apocalypse is on the doorstep of the world, knocking at the door with his walking stick. You don’t actually have to open the door, a few taps of the stick and the door will open. That’s cosmic imperative for you. We are living in interesting times.
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